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March 21, 2014

The HeidiSongs Idea Contest Has Been Extended ONE WEEK!

HeidiSongs Idea Contest Deadline Extended

If you were hoping to enter the HeidiSongs Idea Contest, but it slipped your mind, here’s some good news:  we have extended the deadline for one more week!  You’ve got until March 29th, 2014.  So if you were needing a bit more time to get your ideas in, then you’re in luck!  And if you already rushed to turn in your idea, and would like to do a little editing to it and re-submit, that’s fine, too!

REMEMBER:  Everyone that submits an idea will get a one time use coupon code for five dollars off of a HeidiSongs purchase, too!  (Our coupons don’t seem to work consistently unless you put at least $1.00 on your credit card, so it will have to be $5.00 off of a $6.00 purchase.)  Plus, we will also choose several runners up for $40 in HeidiSongs products, too!

Here is the very first idea that we received, and I must say that she set the bar pretty darn high!  Just check out this video that we got just YESTERDAY!  It’s called “The Alpha-Mat,” and it was submitted by Diane from Virginia.  I love the way she put the videos together with the pictures.  After she sent it to us, we added the music in the background today.  And we’ll do whatever we can to help “dress up” whatever you send us, too!

I think we have received less than ten ideas so far, so right now your chances of winning are pretty good!  So there is one more week to go.  Get on it!


Here are the details:

1.  The idea must include a HeidiSongs product somehow, and we like it best if there is a photograph (or video) that includes the product in use.  But you can still submit an idea without a picture or video, okay?  You may change it around or do something different with it than I originally intended it to be used for.  Be creative!  The sky is the limit!  Examples might include:

– a game you play during a certain HeidiSongs song.

– a learning center that you created out of a worksheet page.

– a new way to do a HeidiSong with new movements that are especially fun (that would have to be a video, obviously!)

Remember, in addition to CD’s and DVD’s, we have workbooks, Singable Books with art projects in them, language arts worksheets (such as our Hidden Sight Words or CVC Words,) math worksheets, such as our Counting Creatures 1-10 and Counting Creatures 11-20, Addition and Subtraction Creatures, Shape Creatures, etc.  And then there’s our BOOKS:  we have books about Wiggles learning rules, and Sittles learning to participate, plus our picture books the Gingerbread Man, the Counting to 100 book, the Alphabet Action book, the Opposite Rhyming Songbook, and more!

2.  You do not need to include children in the photographs, but if you do, please get permission to post their photos on the web.  One way to get around this is to simply include only the hands and arms of children so that the faces are not shown and no identities are revealed.  If you send us a photograph, we will assume that we have permission to use it.

3.  Please include instructions on how to do the activity!


4.  Email your idea and photo to and put Idea Contest in the subject line. 


Sound good?  Great!  I can’t wait to read some more of your wonderful ideas!!!!


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