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Phonics Fluency Charts, Stories, & Comprehension Worksheets Bundle
Phonics Fluency Charts, Stories, & Comprehension Worksheets Bundle
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Phonics Fluency Charts, Stories, & Comprehension Worksheets Bundle

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This set includes fluency stories and comprehension question worksheets for phonics word families patterns & rules. Children can apply what they have learned about phonics and word families and use it to gain fluency in reading. Then they can improve their basic comprehension skills by answering questions about the story!


Fluency Story: Have the kids practice reading the story, recording their time in minutes each day to see how long it takes to read the story through once. Then, add one second for each error. After one week, how fast can they read the story? Did their reading time and fluency improve? This is another nice activity to do daily in class, and to send home for homework, too!

Fluency Story Comprehension Questions: These questions are to be answered after reading the fluency story. There are three questions per story. The first two questions have answers that will be found in the story. The third question asks a related question about the students' personal experiences. Students then will draw a picture about their answer from question three. Be sure to have the children answer in complete sentences!

Fluency Charts: Fluency Charts are a great alternative to flashcards because they are quick to duplicate and easy to manage. Also, each word on the chart is duplicated multiple times in order to get children the repeated practice that they need. There is also an element of accountability included because the children are asked to fill in how many words per minute they were able to read. In addition, it is simple to practice exactly the same thing at school as at home by setting aside a few minutes at school to have the entire class read the chart aloud together.

This file includes: 56 stories and 56 question worksheets, and fluency charts using 25 phonics patterns!

Phonics Spelling Patterns Include:

-ai, -ar, -au, -aw, -ay, -ea, -ee, -er, -ew, -igh, -ing, -ink, -ir, -oa, -oi, -oo, -or, -ou, -ow, -oy, -unk, -ur, ch-, sh-, th- Plus two phonics rules: Bossy E & Magic (Final) Y.

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