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December 11, 2014

12 Days of Holiday Freebies, Day 4: Gingerbread Man Secret Code Worksheet

Gingerbread Man Secret Code FreebieGingerbread Man Secret Code Freebie

Welcome to day four of our 12 Days of Holiday Freebies! Today we have a quick post with a fun little Secret Code Worksheet for you and your students to enjoy! As a child, I always loved “cracking the code” on worksheets like this, and I hope that your students will, too!


Gingerbread Man Secret Code Freebie

To do this activity, simply show the children how to look at the number under the line and then look for it at the top of the page. Then, all they have to do is find the letter that is next to the number and copy it! Easy, right?


Gingerbread Man Secret Code Student Sample 1

When I did this in my friend Julie’s Kindergarten classroom, I modeled the entire thing for the children under a document camera. I did the first six or seven letters for them myself, and then I started inviting children up to “share the pen” and let them show the class how they could find the correct letters and write them in.




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Most of the children got it right away, but when I called them up to share the pen, I could see that some of them were a little unclear on how I knew where the numbers were. For example, if we were looking for number 14, how did I know were to find it? So I showed the children how to count from one, touching each number as I went along until we got to that number. That really helped a lot.


Gingerbread Man Secret Code Student Sample 2

You can download this fun Gingerbread Man Secret Code Worksheet right here!  And be sure to check back tomorrow for another great freebie!  (Want some more right now?  Check out our posts from the last three days, so just go backwards through these posts!)


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