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March 29, 2015

20 Things that Happen When Your Spouse is a Teacher

Twenty Things that Happen When Your Spouse is a TEACHER!Twenty Things that Happen When Your Spouse is a TEACHER!

20 Things that Happen When Your Spouse is a Teacher
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For your enjoyment, here are TWENTY different things that happen (or WILL probably happen soon) to you if you are married to a teacher!  Have you ever given any thought to what it must be like to be married to a teacher???  If you are reading this blog, many of you are probably teachers. Well, my own dear hubby (Greg) and I were having this conversation not too long ago, and he immediately came up with a nice, long list of all kinds of things that have certainly happened to him!  They were so funny that I started taking notes!  (Luckily, he is very witty and has a great sense of humor!)

I thought that most of his observations were spot on, pretty funny, and probably apply to many of our spouses, whether the teacher spouse is male or female.  So basically in this post, I’m making fun of myself- but then I enjoy this kind of thing.  If you don’t, stop reading now.  If you do, read on, and remember to give your significant other a special thank you today for embracing the negatives as well as the positives of living with a teacher.  


Twenty Things that Happen When Your Spouse is a TEACHER!

Twenty Things that Happen When Your Spouse is a Teacher

Heidi and Her Daughters, Long Ago!

1.  Got kids?  You just hit the JACKPOT!  You get a built in tutor for them, PLUS someone that can manage the kids on their vacations- just as long as your spouse’s school schedule matches up with theirs!



2.  Vacations can only happen on school holidays when the prices are highest.  Unfortunately, your spouse’s salary will not stretch far enough to cover going anywhere “fancy” during this time, so unless you have another source of income, you’re probably staying home!


Summer: The World’s Longest PREP PERIOD

3.  You’ll probably be working at another job in summer when your spouse is off. Teachers are usually not happy about the end of this “two month long prep period.”  Reminding your spouse that he or she just had a “long vacation and should be happy” may result in consequences you do not like.  So be forewarned!


Dealing with Tantrums

Click here to read my post for ideas on dealing with TANTRUMS!

4. Your spouse may feel it necessary to correct other people’s children in public places.  Just DEAL WITH IT!

5.  Your spouse may view a trip to an amusement park or mall as an opportunity to study the parenting skills of total strangers, and may enjoy discussing this with you.  Again- just DEAL WITH IT!


Those that teach...

6.  You will have to watch your spouse put in a good 12 hours per day (at least!) in return for a teeny tiny paycheck.  Please understand that attempting to persuade her to work less because she is not getting paid much will result in nothing more than GLARES.


Teaching Kids About GERMS

7.  You WILL get sick more often than some people due to second hand germs passed along from the children in the classroom.  Stock up on vitamins!


The definition of irony: When somebody writes, "Your an idiot."
The definition of irony: When somebody writes, “Your an idiot.”

8.  You may find out that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation is not perfect. Arguing about what is right and wrong is useless, so give it up!



9.  You may get served pizza and tater tots for dinner because it smelled sooooo good in the cafeteria!


Scrabble for Teachers!
(Source for Scrabble name plates) Aren’t they CUTE? What an awesome teacher gift this would make!!!!


10.  If you play Scrabble, Words with Friends, or Trivial Pursuit (especially the kids’ version!) you WILL get beaten!  Please lose gracefully!  (Remember:  Teachers never cheat!)


T-shirt: I'm still in TK and I LOVE it!

11.  You may find that your spouse’s wardrobe consists of very bright t-shirts that say things like “I’m still in kindergarten and I LOVE IT!”  Pointing out that “no one else puts their profession on their t-shirt” will not make these items disappear!



12.  Please realize that much of your spouse’s paycheck is going right back into the classroom and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Your spouse is on a mission, and that’s why he or she is willing to invest his own money (and yours, too!)



13.  Your cupboard may often be filled with school fundraiser popcorn and cheesecakes.  True, you could have purchased them for much less at the grocery store, but it was for a good cause!


14.  Your dinner time conversation will be filled with the life stories of every kid in your spouse’s classroom until you know them all by name and could probably identify them from a police line up.
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15.  You find out that your spouse finds you the most sexy when you’re helping to put up bulletin boards.  (Check out my Pinterest Bulletin Board Ideas pin board above- and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!)


Insect Counter with Beetles

16.  You get to help house all of the “class pets” on vacations.  Just “let it go,” and try to ignore the smell!

Panda Express

17.  Realize that expecting your spouse to make a lovely dinner on Friday nights when he or she is totally exhausted is useless.  This is what restaurants are for!


Getting a membership to Massage Envy, La Verne, is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! LOVE IT!
Getting a membership to Massage Envy, La Verne, is one of the best things I have ever done for myself! LOVE IT!  (Ask for George.)

18.  Your spouse will at least once in your life telling you something like, “that ‘crazy’ mom or dad” was in the principal’s office registering a complaint about them.  On that day, you will need to give your spouse a glass of wine and a really good back rub.  Or even a professional massage!  I recommend Massage Envy.  

Primary Plays by HeidiSongs
I “trained” my hubby to come and videotape my musical plays! You can see them here.

Here is a video of our Wide Mouthed Frog play!


19.  Showing up at your spouse’s school events, such as Open House or that class play (and making nice, supportive comments about how it went) will take you FAR when it comes to “pay back time,” so think carefully when it’s time to choose what you will do for the evening!


Father's Day is coming! You can get this t-shirt here.
Father’s Day is coming! You can get this t-shirt here.

20.  You may come to be known best based on the identity of your spouse.  (Greg’s been called, “Mr Heidi” at least once, ha ha!)

And this one may only apply to me, so it really doesn’t “count,” but I thought it was kind of funny, so here it is!

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You may wind up with a spouse that is constantly singing children’s songs because they are “stuck in her head.”  (Embrace it- this could pay for your children’s college education, LOL!)  The Colors and Shapes DVD below features my daughter, Kimberly, who is now a Kindergarten Teacher herself!


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