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November 26, 2014

A HeidiSongs Gingerbread Man Book & Gingerbread FREEBIES!

Gingerbread Man Book & Freebie Round UpGingerbread Man Book & Freebie Round Up


Gingerbread Man Book & Freebie Round Up

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you hard working teachers, parents, and child care workers, etc.!  I hope that this is an especially restful and happy time of Thanksgiving and family togetherness for all of you.  May God bless each and every one of you with happiness, health, and contentment.  I know that I feel amazingly blessed, and I am so grateful for all that I have been given!


The Tale of the Gingerbread Man: Read Along, Sing Along Book with CD from HeidiSongs

And now down to business!  This is actually the very first holiday season that we have had our Gingerbread Man Read-Along, Sing-Along picture book available for purchase, and I must say that I think it is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!  In fact, even though it came in last year, many of you may not realize that we actually have this book!  The book is $10 and that includes the audio CD that goes with it, so you can put it in a listening center.  For a book of this high quality, that’s a great deal!

I, (Heidi, the author) will even sign the book for you at no extra charge!  Just request it in the comments section at checkout!


Selected Pages from HeidiSongs Gingerbread Man Book

My wonderful husband Greg managed to get a “bonafide” Disney illustrator, Keika Yamaguchi, to do the illustrations for this beautiful book.  And once you see it, you’ll know what an incredible talent she really is!  (I wish I could afford to have her do some nursery rhyme clip art to go with our new Nursery Rhymes CD, actually!)  Her artwork is so adorable, appealing, and child friendly that it is hard for me to think of enough words to describe it!  Below is a picture of her other work from her website; doesn’t Keika have a wonderful style?


This is some artwork by Keika Yamaguchi for one of her other projects. Love her style!

This is some artwork by Keika Yamaguchi for one of her other projects. Love her style!


Gingerbread Man FREEBIES Round Up!
The items below are free to all!  

Gingerbread Man Counting Worksheet


Gingerbread Man Counting Worksheet Freebie

Here is a fun little Gingerbread Man themed worksheet to help practice counting out numbers from 11-30!  I usually teach this with the songs from Jumpin’ Numbers Vol. 2, and then follow up with manipulative work and then transfer it to paper with a worksheet like this.


Gingerbread Man painted project with pastels, and a free downloadable pattern from HeidiSongs!

Gingerbread Man painted project with pastels, and a free downloadable pattern to trace from HeidiSongs!


Painted Gingerbread Man Project

Each year, I usually have my class put on my Gingerbread Man Musical play, and then we have a Gingerbread Man day just chock FULL of activities with a Gingerbread theme!  Below is a video of my class performing the play many years ago.  What fun!  It’s not too late if you want to have your class do it, too!



This little painted Gingerbread Man is just a typical project done by many early childhood teachers, but the children always love it!


Gingerbread Man Project Template Freebie

They always turn out absolutely darling, and make a lovely bulletin board!  To make this project, simply give the children a tracer of the Gingerbread Man (you can download mine here) and let them trace and cut it out.  I like to give them a variety of tan and brown colored sheets of paper to choose from.  After that, they can paint it using regular tempera paints mixed with lots of white paint to give them a pastel shade.  (Tip:  Make sure you have plenty of white paint to mix in with your bold colors.  It takes quite a bit!)


Gingerbread Man Graph Worksheet


Gingerbread Man Graph Worksheet FREE

I also made this little graph that goes along with the Gingerbread Man story, and I am including it as a free download this week!  The last time we did it, I ran it front to back with the counting worksheet above, and they easily finished both sides in about 15-20 minutes, with a little time to spare to color in some of the pictures.


Here are a few more worksheets! Color by Number!


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