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June 21, 2013

A New HeidiSongs 1-100 Story book, and Teacher’s Most Embarrassing Moments EVER!

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Hello, everyone!
Today, I have a special treat for you!  First of all, I have a brand new story book called The 1-100 Book that we have been working on for quite a while and I am really excited to tell you about!  Second, this week on my HeidiSongs Facebook page, I had the idea of asking people to share the most embarrassing thing that a child had ever said to them- and the results were just HYSTERICAL!  So I thought that I would write down my favorites share them here as well.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  Feel free to share your own stories as well in the comments section at the end of the post. 

Peek a boo!

And now, on with the main event!
Here is my newest creation:  The 1-100 Book.
I just love this book, and so did my students this last year!  It goes right along with the Counting to 100 song that you can find on both the Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes CD/DVD, and the Musical Math CD/DVD.  In fact, lots of the kids sort of “sang the book” in a rhythmic way, rather than read the book as they went along!  Check out the video that I took of one of my little friends reading the book:


As you can see from the video, the synopsis of the book is this:  a boy says that he needs to collect 100 things.  So he starts looking around his house and his friend’s house, collecting as many objects as he can, putting them into his wagon, counting as he goes.  When he finally gets 100 things in his wagon, he arrives at school and we see that it is the 100th day of school, and all of the children have their Hundred’s Day collections there to share! The artwork is by one of our favorite illustrators, Korey Scott, which you might be familiar with from our Counting Creatures workbooks, but he’s done an exceptional and creative job here as well, and the kids just love the illustrations!

This book is a lot like an “I Spy” book, in that children must hunt for each number in order.  We sing the hundreds song while we hunt for the numbers!

The neat thing about this book is that we quickly discovered that it was a wonderful book for anyone that is stronger at math than reading, because there are very few words in it, but lots and LOTS of numbers!  So my little ones that tended to “shine” in math more than in language arts went back to this book again and again!

“Big” numbers like 76 and 77 don’t seem so scary when they are on a cute little dinosaur!

Have you ever thought of doing a guided reading lesson that could actually double as a math lesson???  Now there’s a new idea!  This book was perfect for that.  I used this book for that, and taught my kids to read the few words and sentences that were there on the first and last pages.   Then we practiced finding all of the numbers, all the way up to 100!  It was very good practice for them.  I was also able to give my more advanced students directions like, “Find the number that comes after 29,” or “Find the number that is is one less that 65.”  Differentiation!

We also had fun trying to categorize the different pictures in the book that we saw!
If you have ever had more than one copy of a certain beloved book in your room, then you will know what I am talking about here.  I happen to have several copies of David Shannon’s book No, David! , and the kids often gather together to read them in pairs or small groups, chatting and enjoying the book together.  So given that I had several copies in the room, this is what was happening with my 1-100 book!  The children really enjoyed sitting together to read them, and this became a very popular activity that several children could join in together all at once, regardless of their reading levels.  As long as they knew most of their numbers, they could fit right in!  Plus, an added bonus was that the children that were better at number recognition wound up inadvertently peer-tutoring their little friends.  We also found that hunting for the numbers was a bit like reading an I Spy book!

When there is more than one copy of a beloved book, reading together is a SPECIAL treat!

To go along with this book, we created a variety of coloring sheets, connect the dots worksheets, and counting sequencing worksheets that feature the fun illustrations from this book.  We have some sample pages available as a download here.   My kids actually had a lot of fun with these, and they made a nice follow up for a listening center activity.

The kids loved coloring characters from the book in their free time!  This download made a nice follow up to a listening center activity!

My daughter Krissie is the one that did most of the work on these worksheets for me.  I showed her what to do, and got her started, and then off she went.  I think she did a great job on them, don’t you? 

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The best thing about the Connect the Dots worksheets is that I had her make them all so that you could pick whether you want your students to do them counting by ones, two’s, or by five’s!  That way, you can differentiate your instruction quite easily, giving one group of children the counting by ones sheet, and another group the counting by two’s sheet, etc.  However, they would all be completing the very same picture, so they probably wouldn’t even be aware that they were being given different lessons!  Love it!

Differentiate instruction by giving each group exactly the type of sequencing practice they need.

Worksheets include ten different graphing worksheets, ten worksheets for practice in number sequencing, 30 “Connect the Dots” pages featuring three different ways of counting by ones, or by two’s, or by five’s, plus 15 coloring pages, all with the fun characters and artwork from the 1-100 Counting Book for the low, low price of $5.00.  Ohhh!  Caught you yawning!  None of that now, ya hear?

There are a whole variety of downloadable sequencing worksheets like this that incorporate artwork from the book.

Plus, the book itself is only SIX DOLLARS!  Can you believe it?  Even I can hardly believe how low we got that price down!  (Remember, we don’t get to buy them in very large quantities like Scholastic can, you know!)  So that means my husband Greg managed to negotiate a GREAT deal with a local printer!  Hooray for the hubby!

My kids got really good at completing these graphing worksheets and interpreting the graphs when they were done.


And now for the fun!  I have edited out some of the “questionable” posts that some of you might be offended by.  Hopefully, I deleted all of them that might cause a problem for any of you.  If you want to see those, you’ll have to log on to my HeidiSongs Facebook page quick before that post sinks down and disappears! 

Here was the question I posted: 

“Okay, let’s have some fun! What’s the most embarrassing thing that a child has ever said to you?”

  • HeidiSongs Here’s one: “Why do your arms jiggle like that?”
  • HeidiSongs Here’s another: “Why do you clear your throat all the time like my grandma?”
  • HeidiSongs “Are you pregnant?”
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  • HeidiSongs “That couldn’t be YOU up there on that screen. You are way too old to be THAT lady!”
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  • Wendy Djamoussian Do you have a baby in there like mommy?
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  • KTP on TPT “Your face got red when you were mad today.” Oops!!
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  • Wendy Djamoussian You are old? Are you 100?
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  • Adrienne Choma Sodemann One child wrote a long story about a fight his parents had on Valentine’s Day. I decided to file that story instead of sending it home… Embarrassing for the parents!
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  • HeidiSongs Once during playtime, I sat and “modeled” while a child tried to draw a picture of my face, but she had been taught to draw EVERY line that she saw. Another child walked by and said, “Whose grandmother is that?”
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  • Tracy Lee I was the resource teacher for too many years. I worked with middle years students. Enough said!! Here’s one: “Is THAT a black hair on your lip???”
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  • Katie Toppel Your breath stinks
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  • Michelle Wiggins Okay, so they had some pussy willows for sale at our local grocery store, and of course, the minute I saw them the memories of picking them in my childhood came FLOODING back to me! I thought it would be wonderful if I could give each one of my kiddos a branch to take home with them. So, one of my kindlers who stays after school for extended day was in the office at 5pm cause his mom had just got there to pick him up. I happened to be leaving at that time and was also in the office when he came in. He was holding his pussy willow, and when he saw his mom, he was SOOO excited, ran up to her and said “Look what Mrs. Wiggins gave me mom, a PUSSY!!!” I just wanted to crawl in a hole!!!!
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  • Ellen Lagasse “Don’t worry, you’re just a little bit fat!”
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  • Suzan Hernandez You have a big, butt! Left me speechless. It was hard not to laugh. lol
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  • Lori Glab DeVoe Did you you have your babies before you were married or after you were married?
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  • Mary-Anne Minshull-Pirie You have a mustache!
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  • Ellen Lagasse Another time we were reading a story about building something and one said, “My mom and her boyfriend are building something in their room late at night, but I don’t know what it is!” And I died. And all the kids were guessing what they might be “building” in their room. I phone conferenced that mom after that because I couldn’t look her in the eye without laughing!
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  • Mary-Anne Minshull-Pirie Are you pregnant? No? Are you sure? You look pregnant!
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  • HeidiSongs One of my students asked me last year, “Don’t you ever brush your teeth?” I said, “Of course, every day! Why would you think that?” She said, “Well, your teeth are YELLOW!”
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  • HeidiSongs Ugh!
  • M Wheeler Brandon I had one student ask to marry me. I said, thanks but I am already married. The kid next to him, bumps his arm and tells him, “Besides, by the time you are her age, she will be dead.” Nice.
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  • Laura Butts I saw you trying on bras at Penneys!
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  • Sherie Reynolds Cochran What was it like on the Mayflower? #feelingold
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  • Nicole Little “Why is your hair black in the middle and yellow on the ends?” I realized it was time to get my roots done!
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  • Sherie Reynolds Cochran Why do you have lightening bolts in your eyes? (Blood shot from a cold)
  • Kelly Baumgartner One year on my B-day the kids asked me how old I was. Since age has never bothered me before I told them. One little girl raised her hand and said, “Wow Mrs. B., you are half way to dead” lol
  • Pitner’s Potpourri Hey, Teacher, will you get this tick off my tallywhacker?
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    • Pitner’s Potpourri I took the little boy straight to the office to the male principal and let him call his parents!
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  • Dawn Vivo Glad you are pregnant- I thought you were getting fat!
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  • Kymmie Smith “My dad said you were pretty and my mom hit him”
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  • Tara King Tk Smith I was pregnant and one child says I think I can see his nose- it was my belly button- uh taught me not to wear that shirt anymore!
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  • Sherie Reynolds Cochran Why are you not wearing your wedding rings anymore? (Divorced mid year)
  • Sherie Reynolds Cochran On my birthday the kids asked how old I was and I said 40 (not excited to tell) and one boy says, “Wow! That’s half way to 80”.
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  • Sherie Reynolds Cochran Why do you keep licking your finger? ( turning pages while reading a book) . Guess how many kids were licking their fingers while reading that day…..
  • HeidiSongs A child walked in every morning and said, “Do you want to know what my daddy called you last night?” There was always an assortment of “colorful” names that the child repeated, but the one that sticks in my mind the most was “Mrs. HoneyBuckets.”
    (You know that my last name is Butkus, right?)
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  • Jamie Schuler Was pregnant this year and my belly button was out. One of my little girls walked by and touched it. I said “what in the world that’s not a button to push” and she said “Mrs. Schuler it issss a belly button”…lol love teaching kindergarten!
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  • Lori Mearig I know you’re old but you don ‘t look old because you wear make up, but you neck is really wrinkly.
  • Lexi Bell Iriqui A kindergartner once asked me why I have so much arm hair
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  • HeidiSongs Yes, once a child asked me why I had a mustache!
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  • Aubrey Jordan “You look like the wolf from the book we read today.” She was referencing the wolf in “The True Story of the Little Pigs” after he had eaten a pig. His belly was big and fat
  • Ann Danella When a girl told me that she though another little boy in my class though I was “Sizzling” lot a hot piece of Bacon.
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  • Becky Bollinger Gempeler I had a kindergarteners pulling on my pants at lunch. I said what are you doing and he said giving you a wedgie!
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  • April Welch Mines not so embarrassing as amusing. A child asked, horrified, why I have blood on my teeth…it was lipstick.
  • Laurie Hula Varley “I can tell you eat a lot.”
  • Jennifer Peacy Rios My students were all insisting I was pregnant (which I was not) and one of them said “yes you are you’re going to have a cute little baby girl and she’s going to come out between your legs” this was a Kindergarten student.
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  • Rhonda Fields One of my students told me I had big hooters. In front of another student who was in my Sunday school class.
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  • Sherry Kurtz Hofer My daughter was cuddled in my lap and was burrowing a little. She said “Mommy, I love how squishy you are. “
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  • Becky Krisell Teaching first grade, a little boy walks up and wraps his arms around me. He was at the perfect height where his head rested on my belly pudge. He started bouncing his head on my belly saying “boing, boing, boing…it’s like a trampoline!”
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  • Anne McKinnie Higginbotham A kindergarten interrupted my storytelling to say “Mrs. H. your nose looks like a pig”. Maybe from his angle it did? LOL
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  • Kathryn Carver Thornberry I have an identical twin sister. It’s always fun to see the kids reaction when they see her for the first time. One year when she came down to my room to meet the kids I happened to be at the copier. When I came back in one of my boy loudly says “when I first saw her, I was like What!? How’d Mrs. Thornberry get skinny so fast”
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  • Jennifer Silvia i asked a boy if he had ants in his pants and he pulled them open, looked down and said “no ”
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  • Nancy Meacham I have gained and lost the same 50 pounds over the past few years. With her father of her side, my preschool student says, “My Dad thinks you’re cuter not as big fat.
  • Cristina Chica-Munoz While I was pregnant, one of my students asked how he baby would get out. I replied, that the doctors would take her out of my tummy. Another student stood up and told me, “don’t lie, you are going to push, push, push and she is going to come out from down there (she said pointing to the correct area)… Mind you this was said in a classroom full of parents… I do not know who was more embarrassed me or her mom…lol
  • Jessica Sandbothe My mom wanted me to ask you if you are pregnant or just fat? I calmly explained that it was not nice to ask if a woman is pregnant. I never did answer the question!?!
  • Sue Bowen I was out for a day and one of my K girls went home and told her mom that we had had a prostitute teacher that day (instead of substitute). When my assistant told me the next day, my reply was that she had probably earned more money than I do – LOL
  • Natalie Bowling Quesenberry One of my co-teachers was teaching using a projector. She walked in front of the screen and one of her students said she looked like George Washington. Another student said “yeah her hair is just like his”.
  • Karen Kerns One year I had a little boy look at me and say, “I guess you sure like your supper”. LOL
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  • Merika Campbell when I was serving on a lot of committees and always pulled out for meetings, a little boy went home and told his mom I was pregnant because I had so many ‘appointments’ She asked me about my due date at pt conferences. I was glad he was working on inferences, but…
  • Carmen Ramsey I drew a Venn diagram on the board and my class clown yelled out it looks like a butt!
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  • Fun in Prek-1 “Don’t worry Ms. Jessica, my mom never shaves in winter either!” Yikes!
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  • Martha Stevenson Wright While sitting on the classroom rug, a little girl touched my unshaven leg and said, “Mrs. Wright, you have lots of black fur.” Another time I removed my glasses to rub my eyes and a little guy said, “I like that other face.” During a reading strategy lesson a little girl, who had seemed very excited and engaged, raised her hand and asked, “Mrs. Wright, WHAT color IS your hair? As far as the wrinkles go, not so many comments but my partner and I notice that they really want to touch them!
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  • Jan Pearce After looking at a photo of one of my past classes that I had displayed, one of my students asked, “Why do you look different than this picture?” I replied that I had a different hairstyle. Without missing a beat my student says, “No…that’s not it. You were young. How old are you now anyway?”
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  • Jane Hutchins Bourdon My first graders were cleaning their desks with wet wipes. They were complaining that they couldn’t get the glue off the desk so I told them use some elbow grease. Several students put the wet wipe on the desk under their elbow and tried scrubbing with their elbows.
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  • Jennifer Malone-Barringer I’m not a teacher but I was helping in my sons class one morning and the loud, obnoxious class clown asked “Do you have a baby in your stomach?” I wanted to die.
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  • Krista Stanger Vilbig I was told one day by a little boy in my class that I sound like a man. Then he asked if I was a man with long hair.
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  • Kristen Rand McLean In kindergarten my daughter was in the classroom next to mine so at the end if the day she would come to my room and very often reenact her day. One day she says “class say with me gyration”. Oh heavens thank goodness her teacher was next door to explain the word is “vibration” lol
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  • Micki Owenby Stork Yes, earthworms hear and see through VIBRATIONS, Anna! Lol…I’ll never forget that!
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