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May 21, 2014

Beginning Reading Strategy: Color Word Activity

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We love seeing teachers using our products in the classroom with their students!

Tracy sent us this idea and video of her using the Color Songs with her students. She does a fantastic job of involving all of her students in the lesson and with getting everyone up moving, singing and learning. It looks like the kids are having a blast. Great work Tracy and thank you for sharing!

Tracy’s letter is below. Enjoy!
My idea:
1. Take any color word worksheet–the kind where the children color the picture according to the color word. I have a couple I like to use. One is a picture of crayons all over the page, with multiple crayons with the word “red” on them, and multiple with “blue” etc. Another is a bouquet of balloons with different color words on each balloon. 


2. Gather your students and play a HeidiSongs color word song. (I have an ActivBoard, so we gather there.) 


Everyone sings and dances. I then tell the children how many objects (crayons, balloons) are that particular color on their paper and they all go to the table spot and begin searching and coloring. Walk around the room helping and singing the song over and over. The children invariably join in, so you will end up singing the song at least 10 times in a row!

3. When the children finish, instruct them to come back to their carpet spot. When a majority of students are back on the carpet, bring the rest of the children back. Tell them they will have time at the end to catch up if they didn’t get to finish that color. Begin playing another HeidiSongs color word song and repeat the activity with the new color.


The last time I did this activity we were coloring jelly beans in a jar, and there were four to six of each color word, and it didn’t take very long to color each jelly bean. But after I did “red” with my class I quickly learned that it wasn’t going to work because some children color so much faster than others and the paint brushes were bigger. So I announced we would only be coloring the word, which I think will work better for me in the future, as well. Will you please give credit to Sherilyn Hoyt, when you write about this activity? She was my teaching partner for many years, and is retired now, and I’m pretty sure she was the one who originally came up with the idea.

This is a great way to get kids up and moving, to practice going from the carpet to the tables and back again appropriately, numerous times in a row, and to add a little variation to your day.



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