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August 14, 2017

Calendar Notebook Updates for 2019 and 2020 (FREEBIE!)

Here is the update to my FREE yearly calendar book files for “Write the Date,” plus links to the rest of my calendar book free downloads as well!  I’ve just uploaded the files for 2019 and 2020. (Keep reading!) A Calendar Book is a notebook with a blank calendar in it that children update each day as the teacher fills in the class calendar on the wall, and often has a variety of other pages to update daily, too!


If you are unfamiliar with Calendar Books, in addition to the basic calendar, the other pages in the notebook to update usually include anything that the teacher may put on the bulletin board next to the classroom calendar, such as a weather graph, a tally mark page, a hundred’s chart that a child gradually fills in with one number per day and so on.  Calendar books seem to be done most frequently in first and second grade, but are often done in full day Kindergarten classes, too.  (There is generally not enough time to do this in a half day K program!


Mrs Butkus Calendar Book Ideas 
This is a picture of my Teacher Calendar Book. I filled in mine as an example to the children in addition to updating the large one on the wall.

My own Kindergarten class did Calendar Books several years ago.  It is a great way to cover lots of skills at a time!  However, the class has to have a pretty good attention span if you expect to have them fill in a lot of different types of pages, because it can take a while to get it all done!  The last time I tried it, the class in question was simply too restless to accomplish it without a lot of work on my part to keep them focused, so I came to the conclusion that that particular group of students were simply not developmentally ready for it.  It was just too much paperwork for them; they needed more hands-on activities instead.


Calendar Book Pages for 2018 from Teach & Sing, Inc.



In any case, I have updated and reposted my “Write the Date” Calendar Book pages each year! See above for an example! You can download them right here: 2019 and 2020.





Here is a link to download the other free Calendar Book pages that I created that you see above.  You can also read more about how I implemented the Calendar Book on this post here or here on this post.


An Introduction to Calendar Books


Click here to read my post on how to implement Calendar Books!


Also, you will find a whole variety of calendar book activities by Shari Sloane and Kim Adsit!  Just take a look at the preview and you’ll see what a beautiful set it is!  Plus, she explains exactly how she implemented the calendar book.  You can find them here on Shari Sloane’s TPT store 



Calendar Notebook Resources from Shari Sloane & Kim Adsit






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