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March 26, 2013

CVC Eggs!

Here is the idea I previously posted about for use with this recording sheet.

Here is the idea I previously posted about for use with this recording sheet.

CVC Eggs are a fun little way to have kids practice building three letter words.  I created this activity last year, but never got the chance to blog on it!  So now, before it is too late to enjoy it, here is my little idea, which is just one of so many wonderful ideas that integrate plastic eggs into the classroom!  At the end of the post, please tell us YOUR best idea for using plastic eggs, and leave a link, too, if there is one!

Here is the link to the downloadable freebie recording page that goes with it.   I hope that it’s not too late for you to enjoy this!  I usually continue to do bunny rabbit and egg themed activities after the big day anyway.  Do you?

To prep this activity, all you need are some tiles with letters on them and some plastic eggs.  I originally bought my tiles at Home Depot several years ago, and had some high school helpers write the letters on them.  Unfortunately, when I asked them to write the letters on them, I should have thought about asking them to write LOWER CASE letters specifically, and to be careful with their letter formation!  Since I was too busy to go through this set of tiles and scrub off the poorly written upper case letters, you’ll have to put up with the pictures of my students writing their words all in upper case, I’m ashamed to say!

To finish prepping this activity, just write the letters that you will need for about a dozen CVC words on the tiles, and write a line on the bottom of the tile with an alternate color so that the children will know which side is up and which side is down.  (We started out our activity without the lines on the bottom of the tiles, and many of the children were having quite a bit of trouble distinguishing the N’s from the Z’s and so on.  So my wonderful volunteer Janice Lawson quickly fixed the situation!)  Once you are done writing the letters, then put the tiles into the plastic eggs.  Put the eggs into a basket or tub, and run off the recording sheet.


I got the list of CVC words to use from my CVC books that you can get right here.

For best results with the kids, first explain to them how to identify the vowel when they spill out their letters.  They will need to put the vowel in the middle.  Then they simply need to put one letter at the beginning and another at the end, and sound it out.  If it makes a real word, then they can write it on the recording sheet.  If not, then they should switch the beginning and ending tiles and read that word.  Assuming that this new word makes sense, they can write it on the recording sheet.  Students simply proceed like this until they are finished.

Do you have an idea to share on how to use plastic eggs in the classroom?  Leave a comment below!

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