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April 10, 2020

Editable Visual Schedule: Perfect for Home Use!

Today, I want to tell you about my Visual Schedule, because I know that some people really need to have a schedule to follow at home!  This Visual Schedule is a great resource for that because it is completely editable!  Both the text and the photos can be replaced to match exactly what you do in your own classroom, (or home!) It's only $3.00 on my TPT store!  You can use your photos or mine, and your captions or mine!

Why post a visual schedule? Many children benefit from having a schedule for the day posted, especially children with special needs. And of course, the fact that it contains photos assists children that may not yet be able to read. If you are able to replace the photos supplied with real photos of your own home or classroom, this is sure to be the most meaningful thing to your learners.

A visual schedule is a well known tool to reduce any anxiety children may feel about what will be happening during the day, and what is coming next. It also helps them start to regulate their behavior, knowing that although work time may come first, a break is coming soon. This makes it just a little easier for children learn to wait for it rather than have a meltdown or tantrum as they attempt to get what they need.

In my own classroom one year, I was advised to create a visual schedule for two students.  However, since there were TWO of them and I had no aide, it seemed easiest for me to do it with the entire class. So, I created this visual schedule, and posted it on a pocket chart at the front of the class. I referred to it first thing in the morning to let the entire class know what we were doing that day, and then again after breaks and also when ANY children seemed anxious about when we were going home or would be having playtime, etc.

Actually, I was quite amazed to find that my entire class did benefit from this procedure! Because I had a few kids who would ask me a few times per day about when it would be playtime, and/or when their parents were coming to pick them up, this tool really helped ALL of us! However, if you prefer to use the visual schedule with just one or two specific children you may wish to print it at a smaller size and use a mini pocket chart. I would just suggest that you try printing one page only first to see which size is best, and then print out the whole thing once you are sure.

For home use, you could post the schedule with magnets on your refrigerator, or on a corkboard with push pins.  You could also just tape it to a wall using blue painter's tape!  Anything goes; just use your imagination!

You will find the instructions on how to edit the captions and replace the photos (if you wish) in the “Read Me First” document. Of course, you are welcome to leave the captions and photos as they are, if you like! Once you have everything the way you want it, just print and laminate for durability.

Simply place the cards in order on a pocket chart, or pin them on a bulletin board. Tell your students what you will be doing each day at the beginning of the day, pointing to each card as you go. Some children or classes may benefit from having the cards removed as each task is completed. They may also need you to review the schedule often after breaks or transitions.

Here's the link again to buy it on TPT! Enjoy!

- Heidi :)

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