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July 29, 2020

Fall WEEK 2 - TK/Kinder Distance Learning Packet! (NO PREP PRINTABLES!)

Here we go! WEEK TWO of my printable Distance Learning packet for TK or Kindergarten! In this file, you will find all of the work for one week of school, for either TK or Kindergarten for both Math and Language Arts subjects. There are a whole bunch of hands on activities for the kids to do.  I made this one specifically for the SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL, but it would also work at any other time!  The lesson plans this week are the same for both TK and Kindergarten, but starting next week they will be differentiated and split into two different packets.

There are two worksheets to help with practice to write the letters A, B, C, & D, along with an art project for the Letter A. We have also included practice with sorting, letter recognition, counting, patterning, and scissor practice. This week we're also starting the "A Pancake is a Circle" book craft for parents (or the teacher) to print out and do. Directions for how to make this craft is included.

I have also included a suggested song list that links to our HeidiSongs internet video site. However, a subscription to our internet video streaming site is not included. You are welcome to eliminate this page as needed.  Just so you know, if you were to subscribe to the playlist for these songs, it would cost $5.99 per month.

Once again, we have divided up everything for each day of the week to make this simpler for everyone! And it is just fine to distribute the packet to families/students in your classroom. 

You may notice that there are lots of hands-on activities for math included. Most of the items are actually printable, and we have included a copy of the printable manipulatives.  But if a specific item has been named in the worksheet, such as the linking cubes in the one above, we have noted on the page that this could be done with other types of objects, such as Duplo or Lego blocks, etc.  There are also printable dice for the children to use, with photos of how to put it together.  If you are going to send home dice with the children, then there is no need to include the printable one, of course.

I am planning on meeting with my class "live" each day via Zoom or Google Meets.  I will have our Morning Meeting, and then after that, give a little mini lesson on the topic from each worksheet.  Then I will ask the children to get out the specific worksheet that I say and we will "do it together."  I intent to wait for questions and have the kids do it right there, and hold it up and show me when they are finished.

Again, I highly recommend that buyers take a look at my Parent Guide Posters that explain how to teach a child to hold a pencil, use scissors, glue, glue stick, write names, etc. They are fully editable, so that you can change the language used to cue children with your own directions. These are NOT INCLUDED in this packet, because they would have driven the price up dramatically, and not everyone may want to use both those posters and these lesson plans. However, I will be sending them home with my students along with my packet from the first week.  I am also planning on going over them during our virtual parent meeting when the school year starts.

Please follow my blog for tips on how to adapt these activities for use in the classroom. Each item in this packet is the very similar to the ones I would have done in the classroom. For example, I have included a printable alphabet sort, but in class, we do this with foam letters rather than paper ones. If you are interested in how to make your activities for home and school roughly the same, just follow the blog for more information. 

Click here for Week 2! And click here for Week 1!

- Heidi :)


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