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December 16, 2016

Gingerbread Man Hidden Nouns & Adjectives Freebie!

Gingerbread Man Hidden Nouns & Adjectives Freebie! - HeidiSongs


Do you teach the parts of speech, like nouns, adjectives, verbs, and pronouns?  Do you like Gingerbread Men?  Well here’s a fun and quick holiday FREEBIE for you!  It’s our Gingerbread Man Hidden Parts of Speech worksheet, and it’s just in time for the holidays to give your first and second grade kids something a bit more academic to work on than just color words, and still get to color in Gingerbread Men!  Oh, boy!




If you haven’t yet taught a few of these parts of speech yet, don’t despair!  There is another way to do this page; you could also list the individual words on the board for the children and have them look for certain words and color them as directed.  Also, all of the pronouns are on the OUTSIDE of the design, so that should make it easier.  Once they figure that out, it should be a breeze- hopefully, anyway!



We published this page last year as part of our Hidden Parts of Speech set, which is a $5 download here.  Some of these pages have just a keyword in the middle, and others have a seasonal object in the middle.  We made one seasonal coloring object per month.  Also, they build in difficulty, so if your kids are not ready for so many parts of speech, you can use the easier ones that just include a few parts of speech, etc.


Hidden Parts of Speech Worksheets

I think that the easiest way to use these pages is to go over the words under a document camera and have the children underline each one with the correct color.  Then release them to color in each section at their leisure.


Hidden Parts of Speech Gingerbread Man - HeidiSongs

I like to put on some music while they color, or often times even one of my new animated DVDs for them to listen and sing to while they color.  That’s LOTS of fun!  We like it.



By the way, I did change a couple of the words on this Gingerbread Man worksheet that could be interpreted as either a noun OR a verb, so this freebie worksheet is an update.  

We also have “Groovy Grammar” songs to help kids learn the parts of speech, punctuation rules, and other language arts rules such as the parts of a paragraph, available only on iTunes.   You can get a peek at a few of our recording sessions by checking out some of our videos that I posted on Instagram.


A video posted by Heidi Butkus (@heidisongs) on


Additionally, don’t miss our Gingerbread Man book and listening center set!  It is based on the musical play that I wrote for my class to put on!  I did it last year with my combo class and nearly every other year in K.  It is such fun!  Sadly, my costumes this year are too small for all of my big second graders, so we can’t do it.  Oh well…


The Tale of the Gingerbread Man

Here’s a video of my Tale of the Gingerbread Man play!



Have a wonderful holiday season!



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