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August 26, 2020

Google Slides for the Number of the Day Focus Wall Set!

Today, I am going to tell you about my new Google Slides version of our Number of the Day/Week Focus Wall!  This is a fun and interactive way to review the numbers each day, and is easy to incorporate into your daily routine for distance learning.  This gives children daily practice in the identification of numbers from 0-30 (one number at a time, anyway!) and also in recognizing those quantities in other forms, such as ten frames, tally marks, and dominoes.

When we do this, my kids:
- jump the number of dots on the ten frames
- stomp the number of times for the dominos
- draw the tally marks in the air
- chant the Counting Creature poem and jump that number of times
- sing the number formation songs with the movements (audio included- just click on the speaker icon on that slide!) 

Here is a little video of one my students from last year doing the Number of the Week virtually.

Note: This file includes the AUDIO for each song, but not the VIDEO. There is also ONE song for the Counting Creatures from 1-10 that has been inserted to each of those Counting Creatures slides.

This keeps them all actively engaged and it’s tons of fun! The slides also give the children a daily opportunity to practice counting on from the given number, rather than always starting at one. In addition, there are slides that ask them what the numbers are that come before and after. 

For the number formation songs, there are slides with little poems/songs that teach how to draw that number. For example, for the number two, the number formation poem is, “Start up high, rainbow bright, down the slide, straight line right!” The children would chant or sing it, while drawing the number in the air, preferably with full body motions to keep them actively engaged. 

Our original product, the Number of the Day/Week Focus Wall, is printable and sized to fit on a pocket chart. However, this version is designed to be used digitally, (either online, or in person to display it in an extra large format.) So, although you could print it, each of these Google Slides is probably too large for most pocket charts. 

These slides have been redesigned to be more eye catching and “prettier” than our print version, too! However, the basic content is the same. To access the slides, you will click on the link provided after your purchase, and it will prompt you to make a copy of it for your own Google Drive. When you make a copy, you can name it whatever you like and distribute it to your students via whatever learning management system you use, such as Google Classroom or Canvas, Seesaw, etc. 

You may or may not wish to display every single slide for each number, depending on your instructional goals. Thankfully, it is very easy to “hide” certain slides in the file. For example, I do not always use the counting on/before/after slides with my Transitional Kindergartners (TKs) due to their attention span and time constraints, but you may wish to do so. To hide a slide, first select it, then go to the menu. Tap “Slide,” and then select “skip.” Please note that this product is NOT EDITABLE beyond the ability to skip the slides you do not wish to display.

This set covers the numbers from 0-30, with 10 slides per number. Please note that the slide decks for numbers 29 and 30 have been combined into one deck, starting with number 29 and ending with 30. This is because of TpT's rule that there can be no more than 30 files in one folder, with no subfolders allowed.

Check out this blog post here for my morning routine with the Number of the Week set! And for more great Focus Wall materials, check out my HeidiSongs Letter of the Week and Shape of the Week Focus Wall Sets! It's the perfect way to review the letter sounds or the shapes each day!

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

- Heidi

P.S. Don't forget all our videos are available to STREAM on UScreen, FREE for the first 30 days!   It's an awesome way to bring some EASY, active learning to your students during this time, and they can always cancel right before they are ever charged, like on day 29! Check out the info page on our website for more info!

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