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August 17, 2020

Google Slides for the Shape of the Week Focus Wall Set!

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to share this new set with you! This is a Google Slides version of our Shape of the Week Focus Wall. The purpose is to give children daily practice in the identification of shapes and their properties in a fun and active way- even remotely!  Our original product, the Shape of the Week Focus Wall, is printable and sized to fit on a pocket chart. However, this version is designed to be used digitally, (either in person or online). So, although you could print it, each slide is probably too large for most pocket charts!

The idea of the Shape of the Week is that you would review the slides daily with your students, asking them to tell you the names of the shapes, how many sides/corners it has, etc. After that, we review the real life photo examples of each shape, and then chant or sing the songs that are included. There is also a “Shape Character” poem.  These are not currently recorded as songs. To start any song, just click the speaker icon!

(Most of the songs are written to traditional tunes, and there is a note on each screen telling you the name of the tune.) Heidi’s kids always jump the number of sides each shape has, too! For example, for the triangle, the Shape Character poem is, “Monster, monster, triangle cat: How many sides do you have on that?” Then the kids and the teacher all jump three times! :) All of the audio files for the shape songs have been added, but please note that these are not VIDEO files. The audio only is included.

This product has been redesigned to be more eye catching and “prettier” than our print version, too! However, the basic content is the same. Here's what my Focus Wall Set looks like for the pocket chart. You can find that on TPT here!

To access the slides, you will click on the link provided after your purchase, and it will prompt you to make a copy of it for your own Google Drive. When you make a copy, you can name it whatever you like and distribute it to your students via whatever learning management system you use, such as Google Classroom or Canvas, Seesaw, etc. Or, you could use this for in person instruction by just projecting the slides or displaying them on your Smartboard.

You may or may not wish to display every single slide for each shape, depending on your instructional goals. Thankfully, it is very easy to “hide” certain slides in the file. For example, I do not use the “Flat or Solid” slides with my Transitional Kindergartners, but you may wish to do so. To hide a slide, first select it, then go to the menu. Tap “Slide,” and then select “skip.” Please note that this product is NOT EDITABLE beyond the ability to skip the slides you do not wish to display.

This set covers the following shapes, with 20-25 slides per shape:

- Circle
- Square
- Triangle
- Rectangle
- Hexagon
- Oval
- Rhombus
- Octagon
- Pentagon (Sorry, there is now song for the pentagon right now.  I made up the words for it though, and they are on the slide.  We will add the music once we get it recorded.)
- Trapezoid
- Sphere
- Cone
- Cube
- Cylinder 

Here's my blog with more info on my Shape of the Week Focus Wall chart. And check out my blog post here for my morning routine with the Number of the Week set, just to give you an idea of what I do!

For more great Focus Wall materials, check out my HeidiSongs Letter of the Week Focus Wall Set! It's the perfect way to review the letter sounds each day! And my Number of the Week Set!

- Heidi :)

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