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October 16, 2015

HeidiSongs Animated “Number Jumble” DVD for Teaching 0-10!

NEW! HeidiSongs Animated Number Jumble DVD for Teaching 0-10NEW! HeidiSongs Animated Number Jumble DVD for Teaching 0-10

NEW HeidiSongs Animated Number Jumble DVD for Teaching 0-10

Today I am SUPER excited to tell you all about our newest animated DVD, called “Number Jumble!”  This DVD teaches kids to RECOGNIZE, READ, and WRITE the numbers 0-10 and count to 100 by using some existing HeidiSongs favorites and some new ones, too- all with some really FUN animation!

Number Jumble


The “Number Jumble!” DVD is divided into three sections:  the Jumpin’ Numbers section for number recognition and counting to 100, the Counting Creatures section for number writing, and the Sing and Spell the Number Words section.  The Counting Creatures section also has a great new song that teaches counting to ten!

Counting Creatures Number Five Writing Song

The Jumpin’ Numbers Section
If you are already familiar with our DVD or CD, “Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes,” then you’ll recognize those same number recognition songs your kids already love, but with some fresh, new animation behind them, and our wonderful, new fresh faced actors and actresses demonstrating the movements.

Number Eight Song from Number Jumble

I have always used these songs faithfully every single year in Kindergarten to help teach numeral recognition, along with the shape songs that you can now find on the Colors and Shapes DVD.  And now the DVD is even better than ever- the animation, colors, and new actors make the whole thing SO much more engaging!  The Counting to 100 song has also been restyled and animated.  Love it!  It all kinds of make me miss kindergarten this year!

1-100 song

If your students are having trouble learning the numbers, I HIGHLY recommend that you use the DVD in conjunction with the Jumpin’ Numbers and Shakin’ Shapes Flashcards that you can purchase via download and print yourself.  The children practice the numbers by doing the motions and saying the number aloud while looking at the flashcard.


This is an extremely effective teaching method for those that struggle, and as for me, I used it for my entire Kindergarten class every single year that I taught K!  (It’s much easier to do it with the WHOLE class than just a few kids!)  It’s a brain break for those that already know the numbers and shapes, but for those that do not, it’s GOLD!


The Counting Creatures Number Writing Section
I think this section of the “Number Jumble!” DVD is my most FAVORITE of all, because of the clever use of the robots and creatures in the animation, as well as the wonderful voices that our HeidiSongs singers came up with in the recording studio!  (Thanks, Desmond Clark and Connor Smith!)

Counting Creatures Number Three Number Writing Song

Mike Cravens’ AMAZING music writing skills, and clever sound effects go SO well with each of the Counting Creatures that I was just amazed!  (For these songs, I wrote the lyrics and he wrote most of the melodies after we agreed on a style and tempo, etc.)  I love the way the whole thing compliments our Counting Creatures workbooks, too!  It all dovetails so well together!

For number writing practice, check out these "Counting Creatures." Fun!

For number writing practice, check out the Counting Creatures workbooks!  The characters are animated in our new Number Jumble DVD! The Counting Creatures section also has a great song on it to help kids learn to clap and count out the right number of claps all the way to ten.  Fun!

Counting Creatures Workbooks

Check out our Counting Creatures workbooks for some fun ways to practice the numbers 1-10 (in Vol. 1) and 11-20 (in Vol. 2.)


The Sing and Spell the Number Words Section
This section has all of the number word spelling songs 0-10 from our Sing and Spell the Sight Words, Vol. 5 CD/DVD, except that they are all animated and much more engaging and fun!  And yes- it’s still little, old, me!  The songs are meant to help children learn to read and spell all of the number WORDS, from zero all the way up to ten.  By the way, if you haven’t tried the number eight song yet, do it BEFORE Halloween!  It’s perfect for the season!

Zero the Hero Number Word Song

I hope that you enjoy this “Number Jumble!” DVD as much as I do!  I think it’s a huge improvement over our previous Jumpin’ Numbers DVD!

AND, FYI…. we have also updated all of our “Specials and Combos” sets to include our newer products that have been released over the last year!


Have a great weekend!!


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