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August 3, 2013

HeidiSongs is now on VIMEO!!!

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So guess what?  HeidiSongs is now on VIMEO!  This means that for $7.00 you can rent and watch a HeidiSongs DVD online for one year.  When the year is up, then your rental expires.  After that, you can either rent it again, or buy yourself a “real copy.”  Or of course, if your grade level changes or you decide that HeidiSongs is not “your thing,” then you just let it expire.

All of our HeidiSongs DVD’s are now up for rent on Vimeo for $7 for one year, except for the Classroom Management DVD and the Sound Blending DVD, which are still quite new.  (We have decided to wait a while before adding our newest DVD’s to the Vimeo site.)   This link will take you there!  Each time you are trying to find another HeidiSongs DVD on Vimeo, go back to this link and start there.  It is much easier to find the our DVD’s that way!  For some reason, it is hard to do searches for specific titles on Vimeo, and as soon as you make a purchase, you leave the HeidiSongs “store” and you are in the general Vimeo site.

The thing about watching HeidiSongs on Vimeo is that it is a MOVIE, not a DVD.  Here are the important points.

  • With HeidiSongs On Vimeo movies, you don’t get the menu at the beginning that allows you to jump from song to song easily the way you can on our DVD’s.  
  • You have to just fast forward and rewind, just as if you were using an old VHS tape.  Got it?  That’s important to know, because it will limit the way you can use it in the classroom.  It’s forward and backwards only.  No hopping from word to word easily the way you can on our regular DVD’s.
  • You will be dependent on a good, solid internet connection for the movie to play.  No internet, no movie- period.  Likewise, if the internet is running slowly for some reason, so will the movie.  This may prove quite entertaining as you and your students watch me in slow motion, but it will also derail your lesson plans, if you are using it in a school situation!  :0

If you can deal with those issues above, then you are good to go!  When I tried it HeidiSongs on Vimeo out in my classroom, I only experienced problems with the movie running poorly once during a one month period due to a issues with the internet connection at school.  The next day, everything was up and running fine, just as mysteriously as it was running poorly the day before.  You know how it is!  You may want to consider running a preview/trailer of one of our movies from the Vimeo site in your classroom before buying it, just to see if it will run decently on the internet connection that you have before you buy it.  Because we, at HeidiSongs, are not even able to refund your money on these purchases through Vimeo! 

Heidisongs on Vimeo is a great option for international customers that want to use the materials but cannot afford to pay for the shipping to such far away places, which often costs just as much (or more!) than the actual product, unfortunately.  (Please note that we don’t profit on shipping; we just charge what it costs us to have someone sit in the office and send it to you, plus the price of postage.)

HeidiSongs on Vimeo is also a nice option for those that tend to get moved from grade level to grade level and want to invest as little as possible into their current assignment, which is totally understandable!  It’s the rare teacher that stays in one grade level for twenty years, like I have!

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