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March 27, 2015

HeidiSongs NEW *Fully Animated* ALPHABET DVD is HERE!!!

NEW Alphabet DVDNEW Alphabet DVD

New Letters & Sounds Animated DVD from HeidiSongs!

Great news!!!  We are SUPER excited to announce that the newest addition to our collection of animated HeidiSongs DVD’s has arrived: our Letters and Sounds Animated DVD!  It’s a brand new version of our best selling Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds DVD, with the same great songs that kids LOVE and LEARN so well from, but this time with fresh new actors and animated children’s artwork to help hold your kids’ attention!

To celebrate it’s release, we are having a SALE! From NOW through March 31st, you can get 15% off your entire purchase when you order from HeidiSongs! Use the code SPRING2015 (all capitals, no spaces!)


Write Letters with DVD Pin

One of the BEST things about both of these DVD’s is that they show the children how to write the letters correctly.  In fact, the first grade teachers at my former school used to refer to our Singable Songs for Letters and Sounds DVD as the “handwriting DVD,” because they would put it on while the children practiced writing the letters over and over again.  That way, they could just walk around the room and double check how the children were writing the letters as they tried to mimic the letter formation that they saw on the DVD.




For those of you that are already familiar with our extremely popular Colors and Shapes DVD, you will find that the format of our new Letters and Sounds Animated DVD is the same.  We even have most of the same actors in it as well- a nice, multicultural mix of girls and guys to demonstrate the motions.




I think that it is SO important for the children to see both women AND men leading them in music and movement activities, and it is also important for children to see people featured on screen that are NOT all anglo as well.




When I brought this new DVD into a friend’s kindergarten classroom and put one of the songs on her interactive white board, one of the boys in the class raised his hand and said, “Is that a BOY???”  His eyes were wide open and he looked like he was about to POP!  I replied, “Yes, that’s a boy!”  And he just grinned and grinned from ear to ear!




Hearing his comment just made me sooooo happy!  I think that we may find more little boys that are a bit more willing to stand up to sing and move if they are following along with some confident, friendly looking MEN rather than all women, for once!  LOL!



I hope that you enjoy this DVD as much as I do!


Again, don’t forget to get your 15% off, valid now through March 31st!! Use the code SPRING2015 (all capitals, no spaces!)


Here are a few clips of a couple songs from this DVD, just to give you an idea!!




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