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March 9, 2012

HeidiSongs Video Contest – 2012 Winners Revealed!

The videos and pictures submitted for our contest this year have been so good, I just can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed viewing them all over and over again. I love seeing all the little one’s having such a good time singing and learning at the hands of so many talented and encouraging teachers out there! My hat is off to all of you and your wonderful kids! Believe me it was hard to choose an overall winner, but the grand prize goes to Susan Haas and her Alpha Primary School kids from Morristown, TN!

HeidiSongs 2012 Video Contest Grand Prize Winner!

The Very Song
This song has always been one of my class’ favorites, and this group seems to love it just as much!  I LOVE the monster hats that they made, the excitement that they all seem to feel, and the sign that they made at the end!  Adorable! Susan will receive $100 credit from our website and we’ll feature her video on our YouTube page and on our website! Congratulations Susan!!!

But with so many great videos this year, we’ve decided that ALL of our Runners-Up and Honorable Mentions will also receive $20 credit from our website, so congratulations to everyone listed below and previously featured here on my Blog! Thank you so much for being a part of the fun!

First Runner-Up -Phonics Song:

The Or Dinosaur Song
You can hardly beat this song for pure enthusiasm and fun!  Kids love dinosaurs, and these kids are no exception, that’s for sure!  I love the way all of the children are so “into it,” and really put a lot of heart and soul into that big ROAR at the end!!!! Thanks to Jennifer Statler’s Columbia Elementary class!

Honorable Mentions for a Phonics Song:
The Ing Song
These kids know how to swing it like the king, and I bet they know how to read those “ing” word family words now, too!  They sure seem to know all of the words and all be singing along!  Great job, kids! Thanks to Donna Barrett’s Tricon Elementary class!

The Ar Pirate Song
I love how this family all gets into the act and they are ALL singing along, including the little three year old!  It is just SO adorable!  And watching their kindergarten boy read all of the words on the screen as they go by is just amazing!!! Thanks to the Dowdle family!

The Ou and Ow Song
I love watching those kids howl like doggies!  (The howling in this song actually makes my own doggies howl, LOL!)  I think that these kids did a great job with this song, and they are super cute! Thanks to our previous HeidiSongs Video Contest winner Kerri Rea’s her current Columbia Elementary class!

First Runner-Up – Number Song:

The She Song and the 1-100 Counting Song
Oh my goodness!  This group of kids is so energetic they make me tired just THINKING about teaching them, LOL!  The little girl in the middle is so bouncy and excited that I couldn’t stop giggling the whole time I was watching!  What fun! Thanks to Beth Meier’s Boyne Falls Elementary class!

Honorable Mentions for a Numbers Song:
The 26 Song
The movements to this song can really make you dizzy, but these kids pulled it off!  I love the enthusiasm of the kids that seemed to be leading the group at the front.  So cute! Thanks to Katrina Glick’s Goodview Elementary Class!

The Seven Song
What would the Seven Song BE without that “Hua!!!” at the end of it???  It’s kind of funny how universally appealing it is!  Every class I have ever had has enjoyed yelling out that karate chop “hua!” many times over at the end of this song, just as these kids do.  How funny!  They are adorable. Thanks to Angela Hefel’s St. Mary’s Primary School class!

First Runner-Up – Alphabet Song:

The A and C Songs
I love how the teachers are singing along with the kids on these songs!  And their little preschool students look so happy while they are singing!  I love it! Thanks to  Lori Riley & Stacie Massey’s Emmaus Early Childhood Education class!

Honorable Mentions for an Alphabet Song:
The L Song
Those kids from Cute as a Bug Preschool really are cute as a bug!  Nice job, cuties!!! Thanks to Cheri Dagupan’s Cute As A Bug Preschool class!

First Runner-Up – Sight Word Song:

The And Song
I love how I can really hear them all singing, and they all look so happy!  I especially like the eye contact that so many of them give the camera.  The “nicky-nicky-noo” part is super cute, too! Thanks to  Barbara Muha’s Minnie Gant Elementary class!

 Honorable Mentions for a Sight Word Song:
The She Song
I really like the enthusiasm they show as they are slapping their legs and pretending to ride their little horses!  How cute is that???? Thanks again to Cheri Dagupan’s Cute As A Bug Preschool class!

The Me Song
I love how these kids all know every word of the song and sing out confidently.  They are definitely a bunch of cuties!!!! Thanks to Dana Shadwick’s West Central Elementary class!

The Out Song
Ah, yes!!!  We love the Out Song, and I love the way these kids do their “Bollywood” moves!!!  This video is super cute!!! Thanks to Mrs. Ward’s LISA Academy class!

First Runner-Up – Sight Word Color Song:

The Yellow Song
These kids have really got the yellow song down pat!  And I love the happy dancer in pink on the right who is just dancing her little heart out.  So cute!!!! Thanks to Jeremy Wells’ Friendship Elementary class!

 Honorable Mentions for a Sight Word Color Songs:
The Green Song
This song was rewritten (or at least the ending was rewritten!) by a girls’ soccer team that included a couple of children that were in my Kindergarten class together about five years ago!  Their team is the Four Leaf Clovers, and they turned my Green Song into their team cheer!  Three cheers for the Four Leaf Clovers!!!! Thanks to Brian Dowdle’s Four Leaf Clover team!

The Black and Orange Songs
Oh, the Black Song is always a favorite with my students, and these kids seem to be just the same as my own!!!  They are great marchers, too!  Nice job, kids! Thanks to Cheryl Dimas’ Kindergarten class!

First Runner-Up – Misc. Songs and Pictures:

HeidiSongs in the Classroom
I LOVE this video!!!!  I love the way it shows several different songs, and how it shows a special needs student singing along and learning with everyone else.  I also really like the explanatory comments that were added by the teacher, who actually prepared this video to use in a presentation for teachers.  LOVE it!!!!  Thanks so much for the extra effort and for sharing it with us!!! Thanks to Sarah Cullen’s class in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!

 Honorable Mentions for Misc. Songs and Pictures:
The Halloween Song
The kids in this video seem to love this song just as much as my class does every year, and the little girl in the plaid skirt at the front seems to have stolen the show!!!  Great job, kids!!! Thanks to Shauna Langham’s Hill Elementary class!

How Do You Sound It Out Song
This little boy is learning to read words at home with his SuperMom as the teacher!  What a lucky little boy!  He seems to really catch on to the concept of sounding out the words with the assistance of the music, too.  Great job, Maika! Thanks to Maika’s Mom for sharing this with us!

Well, it’s a long list of winners, but we are so thankful for all of your participation, energy and enthusiasm! We’ll be contacting the winners for your choice of prizes, so look for a note coming in your email. Until next year, keep those camera’s rolling!