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May 18, 2014

Hidden CVC Words, Volume 2! (Get your freebie here!)

hidden cvc vol 2hidden cvc vol 2

Hidden CVC Words By HeidiSongs

HEY!!!!!  NEWSFLASH!  The Hidden CVC Worksheets, Vol. 2 are FINISHED!  They are now posted to both to our website and to my TPT store!  Just click on either link and you can find them!

Hidden CVC Words By HeidiSongs-2

There is also a free sample for you to download, too.  Just click here ! It is also listed as a freebie on TPT.

We have Hidden CVC Words for our CVC Books Volume 1 and 2!
We have Hidden CVC Words for our CVC Books Volume 1 and 2!

Some of you that have used our first volume of the Hidden CVC Worksheets may realize that these worksheets actually more complex than volume one!  The worksheets in the set for volume one.  Notice how the word really stands out plainly on the set for Hidden CVC Words Vol. 1?

Hidden CVC Leg Example
This particular worksheet above is from CVC Worksheets, Vol. 1. There are fewer sections for the children to color in this set, and the word itself is easier to see- making the entire set easier for a child to do.

We tried to make set to just a wee bit harder, making the word and its sections blend in a little bit better with the rest of the puzzle pieces around it.

Hidden Bag being colored

None of the children in the Kindergarten class that I visited had any trouble finding the correct CVC word to color in.   Now that it is May, the children accomplished this easily!  In fact, I was able to sit and try out some critical thinking questions with each group of children while they colored!  A couple of them needed instructions getting started, but that was it.

Rim Hidden CVC Words 1

The reason that I was working on Critical Thinking questions is that I am preparing a presentation called “Making Critical Thinking “Do-able” with Kindergartners” for SDE’s I Teach K! Conference in Las Vegas, and I was testing out some new fun activities while the kids colored away on their CVC worksheets!  I’ll be blogging more on these now that I am able to try some of them out!

Hidden CVC Words Rim Child 3

I always say that the best thing about these Hidden Worksheets is that they are opened ended!  It is fine for some children to color the whole thing, and it is fine for others to feel good about finishing just the word in the middle.  I LOVE that!  Everybody does their best.


The more creative children that enjoy coloring can really take off with this.  And the others?  Let them read a book!  Perfect…..


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