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June 10, 2016

How to Make a Foldable Surprise Book- Tutorial!

How to Make a Foldable Surprise Book TutorialHow to Make a Foldable Surprise Book Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make a really COOL foldable “Surprise Book” or Magic Window Book that you can display for Open House, make at a Literacy Night, or just have a blast with!  Once you see how much fun this is, you will want to try this with your kids, too!  This is great for kids from Pre-K to third grade or even higher because it is adaptable to ANY subject matter, AND it is fun to make.  For the littler kids, you’ll just have to prep it for them ahead of time.  For the older kids, they can do it themselves.  Intrigued?  Read on, here we go!

How to Make a Foldable Surprise Book Tutorialpin

So, like I’ve already said, I call this a “Surprise Book.” I’ve also called it a “Peek-a-boo Book” in the past, but I think “surprise” might sound more fun for the older kids.  This can be done with almost any subject, such as….

-Father’s Day

– numbers

Surprise Book - Numbers

Surprise Book - Numbers

– shapes

Surprise Book - Shape

Foldable Surprise Book - Inside

– letters & sounds

Foldable Surprise Book - Letters and Sounds

Foldable Surprise Book - Letters and Sounds

– CVC words

Surprise Book - HeidiSongs

Surprise Book - inside

…and many more! It’s cute, FUN, and pretty simple! Here’s how to make this little gem!   The only paper materials you’ll need are:

– one large paper (8.5″ x 11″)
– two rectangular strips (8.5″ x 2.6″)

Foldable Surprise Book

Here’s a little video I posted on Instagram that shows how to prepare this book.  FYI, I went ahead and prepped the whole thing in advance for my first and second graders this year, with the exception of weaving the strips over and under.  They did that part themselves.


How to make a foldable Surprise Book- quick tutorial! Great #fathersday card idea!

A video posted by Heidi Butkus (@heidisongs) on

1. Orient the paper LANDSCAPE, rather than portrait.

Foldable Surprise Book - Step One

2.  Fold the sides of the paper to the middle so they meet.

Foldable Surprise Book - Step Two

3. Fold it again backwards on itself. When you let go, it will look like this:

Foldable Surprise Book - Step Three

4.  Lay the paper down, and draw three lines, starting on the fold, equidistant apart.

Foldable Surprise Book

5.  Once the lines are drawn, cut through the fold down to the edge of the second fold as shown.  Make sure you cut all the way down to the edge, or you won’t be able to weave the papers through!

Foldable Surprise Book

6.  Weave the strips! Over-under, over-under on one side. Under-over, under-over on the other.


7. Decorate it! Tape it down with blue painter’s tape to help kids keep it steady.


And that’s it!!  You may need to help loosen it up a bit by folding and refolding it a bit. Let me know what you end up using them for!!!



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