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November 22, 2012

It’s a HeidiSongs Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount Code!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends in the United States, and Happy Holidays a wee bit early to my friends world wide!  I have been so blessed to have the week off from my work at school and to have had a wonderful week with my family.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to take a couple of days away from the HeidiSongs business and go to San Diego to relax for a couple of days.  (It’s just about an hour and a half drive from our home.)  Hooray!

This is what fall in San Diego, CA looks like! 

 People often ask me how in the world I do “all this” and still teach and travel and do presentations, too.  Well, it takes a lot of great people besides my husband and myself to make HeidiSongs what it is!  My husband is the business and technical genius behind HeidiSongs.  But we left the business this week in the capable hands of my (grown up) daughter Krissie and the rest of the office staff.  Krissie fills orders quicker than anyone and will often answer the phone to help if you have any questions!  She also works on preparing new workbooks for me.  (I provide a format and and example, and then she helps complete the book.  Then I check it and send it back to her for revisions, etc.)  Other people in the office also include my other daughter Katie, who is currently setting up and managing our new Teacher’s Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers stores.  We also have our good friend Donna, who is our accountant, and her daughter Krista, who does video editing and other types of computer work.  You may remember that Krista is the one that is working on my Hidden Sight Word Worksheets, so hooray for Krista!  She is now plowing her way through the words that are on Sing and Spell Volume Three, having already finished the words for Sing and Spell Volumes One and Two.  It’s difficult work that would NEVER get completed without her, so thank goodness for Krista!

The discount code this week will give you 20% off of a $20 order, so I would like to remind you of some really great new products that you may want to pick up!  First, here are the Hidden Sight Word Worksheets.

Hidden Sight Word Worksheets for Sing and Spell Volume 1 and Vol. 2!

Then, here is the Holiday Traditions Around the World book and coloring sheets, which I can’t wait to use this holiday season!

Holiday Traditions Around the World Book and Coloring Sheets

And don’t forget the How to Solve Disagreements Poster Set.  They accompany the Fight Song on Sing and Spell Vol. 5 as a visual aide and I use them to help children remember the steps that they should use to solve problems that may arise among themselves rather than just run for me to solve it for them.  I love these!

How To Solve Disagreements Poster Set

Finally, here is the discount code:  it is “FRIDAY”.  It is good for 20% off any purchase of $20 or more!  It will expire on November 30th at midnight.  

Happy shopping!