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August 23, 2013

It’s a HeidiSongs Learning Lottery!

Enter the HeidiSongs Learning Lottery and win a class set of DVD's!!!

Would you like to enter the

HeidiSongs Learning Lottery???


We are giving away a class set of one HeidiSongs DVD per student in your class for your children to take home and learn from!  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on any of Heidi’s blog posts for the next four weeks. There are also three other ways to enter!  At the end of the four weeks, we will choose an entry at random.  That’s it!

Yes, it’s true.  We are finally doing our OWN HeidiSongs give away!!!  I’m so excited!  Here’s why:   Each year, I have given my whole class DVD’s throughout the year to help them learn.  This was relatively easy for me to do, (since it’s my company ha, ha!)

The payback in terms of the kids learning with HeidiSongs DVD’s on their own at home was absolutely MAGNIFICENT!  Some of the children would watch those DVD’s over, and over, and over, and over (according to their parents) simply obsessing over them!  And I could certainly tell the difference in their achievement at school, THAT’s for sure!  My husband and I wanted to give this same opportunity to another lucky teacher and his or her students.

So the prize will be one DVD for each student in your class to take home.  It’s up to you if it is to you which titles you want them to be.  You might want to give your highest students one DVD, and your lower students another…  You might want to check them out to your students for a week or a month at a time and have them return them to you, and rotate them around from student to student.  I used to include watching certain DVD’s as part of a homework assignment.  You could always tell parents that they will have to promise to take good care of the DVD’s, or they will have to replace lost or damaged ones, as they would if they checked out a library book.  (In fact, I know of some school libraries that have our DVD’s available to students for check out!)  They simply keep a back up copy of the DVD on file, just in case the student copy goes missing.  That way, it can be replaced if necessary.

This year, I am actually taking a leave of absence for a whole YEAR!  Can you believe it?  I’m pretty amazed myself.  We’ll see if we can afford to have me not teach all year long.  (Last year, I job shared, with a 60% contract, working at the HeidiSongs office traveling, speaking, blogging, and creating new products during the other 40% of the time.).  The schedule was getting so incredibly busy that I was perpetually exhausted!  And we are turning out more and more new products that we just felt that the time was right to give this a try.

During the week each Wednesday, I am helping out in my good friend Mary C.’s first grade classroom, so that I can gain some more current first grade teaching experience, and so that I can stay connected to the kids that I love so much.  I also need to find a really great local  Pre-K classroom that I can visit and volunteer in so that I can try out some ideas for teaching those little cherubs as well!  My husband and I think that this will help me to create more and better products for both of these grade levels.  In short, I am really excited, and I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity!  I will be blogging about my adventures in Pre-K and in First Grade, and I will still be coming up with more Kindergarten ideas of course, because those just keep popping right into my head non-stop!

Below you will find more information about our giveaway.  To enter, you’ll just need to leave a comment on any of our blog posts from now for the next four weeks, until Sept. 14th, 2013.  Once you have done that, you can also enter by tweeting about the contest, telling us what HeidiSongs DVD’s you would give your class, following Heidi on Pinterest, or by re-pinning one of Heidi’s pins on Pinterest.  Thanks so much for your support!

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