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April 30, 2014

Junk Mail Treasure Hunt

junk mail treasure huntjunk mail treasure hunt

Heidi Songs Junk Mail Treasure Hunt

If your house is anything like mine, there is always an endless stream of junk mail. Here are three great ways to put that trash to work!

Seek and Find

Heidi Songs Seek and Find.jpg

You know how much we love our hidden word worksheets. Have your super sleuth students search out sight words, numbers or letters in junk adds.

1. Assign a sight word, number, or letter for participants to find.

2. Provide each participant with a sharpie and a stack of junk mail.

3. Set the timer and have participants find as many examples as they can.

4. Have participants share their favorite example with a partner.


Counting Cut-up

Heidi Songs Counting Cut-Up

Junk mail is a fantastic place to search for patterns. Try having students find number patterns. To work on fine motor skills have students cut out and arrange the pieces to form a pattern strip.

1. Assign a pattern to have participants search for or allow them to choose their own. Skip counting by 5’s or 10’s works great.

2. Give each participant scissors, tape or glue, mounting paper, and a stack of junk mail.

3. Allow time for participants to find and assemble patterns.

4. Have participants share with a partner the pattern they found.


Shape Search 

Heidi Songs Shape Search

This is a great way to help children learn to recognize shapes in real world situations.

1. Provide each participant with a sharpie and a stack of junk mail.

2. Set a timer and have participants trace as many shapes as they can find.

3. When the timer goes off have participants share their favorite shape with a friend.


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