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November 2, 2018

Marble Painting Fall Leaves- Freebie!

Marble Leaf Painting FREEBIE

Here is a classic activity for fall that I have been doing for many years with my kindergartners, and they love it every time!  It's marble painting fall leaves, and I have a free download of some different types of leaves for you to try with your kiddos!  If you haven't tried marble painting before, you are in for a treat, because this technique can be applied to almost any project at any time of year.  And if you have already done it, then here is a refresher for you, with some management techniques as well!


Marble Leaf Painting FREEBIE


Since I am teaching Transitional Kindergarten (TK) this year, I am constantly reminded of the differences in their scissor skills!  Many of my kindergartners used to be able to cut out sycamore leaves by the middle of October, but I don't think I have ANY TKs that can do it this year- and I didn't have any last year, either!  So we have been just sticking with the simple, basic leaf shape.  It works, anyway!


Leaf Masters Freebie



1.  Duplicate the leaf masters on construction paper in a variety of fall colors.

2.  Get several fall colors of tempera paint and some cups.  Squeeze a small amount of tempera paint into the bottom of a cup, and then drop a few regular sized marbles into each cup!  You'll need just enough paint to cover the marbles.  (I can usually find marbles at Dollar stores in either the toy or the floral section.) 

3.  Leave a small plastic spoon (not a soup spoon) in each cup.  If you use a large spoon, then the children will likely scoop out too much paint with each marble.

4.  Get a small basket, tub, or box lid and line it with some scrap paper or newspaper.  Put in several layers so that you can quickly remove a wet layer and throw it away, leaving a dry layer underneath for the next child.

5.  Make sure that you have a place for the leaves to dry, such as either an empty countertop space, table, or a hanging rack where you can clothespin them up to dry.


fall leaves



1.  Cut out the leaves.  I told my kids that they had to do at least one, but could do two if they would like to.  Some of them found the marble painting so much fun that they went back and cut out another just so that they could do the marble painting again! 


fall lead


You'll want to emphasize that they must FIRST put their names on the leaves BEFORE they begin painting, for obvious reasons!


back of leaf


2.  To marble paint the leaves, the children just place the leave in the tub with the name side down, and then scoop out a marble with some paint in the spoon.  The drop it onto the leaf, and then start rolling the marble around to spread the paint!  They LOVE this part of it!  I showed my class how to do it using the document camera so that everyone could see.  I showed them that when the marble looks like it is running out of paint, it is time to change colors.  



3.  Once the children have rolled a marble with each of the colors of their choice onto their leaf, then they are finished and can wash up.

4.  Before letting another child marble paint, just pull up the scrap paper or newspaper lining on the tub to reveal the fresh one, and you are ready to go.


fall marble leaves


Management Tips

If you are allowed to let your students have play time, then I highly recommend letting them play while waiting their turn to paint.  We did this activity whole group, and it worked out GREAT because I was able to let them play while they waited!  I just had everyone cut out their leaves first and then clean that part up.  If their space was clean and they brought me their leaf with their name on it, then they could go play. 

Then I set up just ONE marble painting center at a table for six children.  (Most of it was ready to go, since I had it all prepped anyway!)  So I called one child over and got him started, and then I called another and did the same, etc.  I did have a volunteer with me, but I could have done this myself without too much difficulty, I think! 


fall leaves


Because everyone was happily playing, there was no difficulty waiting for a turn to paint.  And it was at that point that some children decided to cut out another leaf and paint another!  It all worked out quite well.


fall leave tree



I have done marble painting on holiday ornaments, and also on circles to make "snowballs" with just white paint, haha!  We have marble painted hearts for Valentine's Day and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.  I'm sure you get the idea!


red ribbon week, fall leaf board


Have Fun!  Do you have a fun art technique that can be adapted to just about any season?  Please share!  And here's the link to download the leaves again

- Heidi :)


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Marble Leaf Painting FREEBIE



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