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February 14, 2010

More Videos From the Classroom!

This week we have double the fun, plus an extra Gingerbread Man bonus! The first video comes from Krissy Miner and her student teacher, Lacey Gillespie, from their Downeast Elementary Kindergarten class in Bangor Maine. Krissy writes, “Hi Heidi, Every year, I use the 2.4.6 Hop Like a Bunny song and have my students come up with their own dance moves (as you’ll see in the attached video)”. Well, I love the dance moves, and combining it with some Musical Math sounds like a perfect learning opportunity! Thanks Krissy & Lacey!

Next we have Kimberly Taniguchi’s Central Elementary School’s Kindergarten class, coming from National City, California. Her class had some fun with the Three Song, from the Jumpin Numbers & Shakin Shapes CD. There sure is a lot of “jumpin” going on here, take a look.
And finally, a Christmas surprise came in the email this week. Mrs. Gaetz’s Kindergarten Class at Astatula Elementary School in Central, FL performed the Gingerbread Man play for the holidays, and the lucky star’s mother writes, “Hello Heidi, my son Evan is in Mrs. Gaetz Kindergarden class. My son loves your videos and loved the Gingerbread Man play. Evan played the Gingerbread man in the class play. Thank you for making learning fun. P.S. Mrs. Gaetz says “Hello.”. Thanks Karen, I’m so happy to see the kids enjoying the play, thanks for sharing!
You can enjoy it as well, as she has posted it to You Tube, in two parts: