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October 12, 2013

Need a Hexagon, Cylinder, or Trapezoid Song?

Hexagon Dino Song & Pattern Block Project from HeidiSongs

Do your kids have to learn to identify the hexagon, cylinder, or the trapezoid?  The hexagon and the cylinder are now part of the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards, and the trapezoid is part of the First Grade Common Core State Standards.  i added these shapes to my repertoire of songs a couple of years ago. Meanwhile, however, we thought we could put the songs on iTunes for those of you that might like to use them and on our Colors and Shapes DVD!

Hooray!  Heidi’s Got a Hexagon Song!
To start with, I am going to answer this question first of all because I get asked it all of the time.  Yes, we have a song for the hexagon!  And it’s a really FUN one because it has a dinosaur theme!  The music is now posted on iTunes, and you can get the videos on the Colors and Shapes DVD here!


We posted some REALLY fun Pattern Block Dinosaurs and Robots Cards for your kids to either build with real pattern blocks or to glue together with paper pattern blocks.  My husband designed these in his spare time, so they are extra fun- especially for the boys!  We tried them out at my old school, and the new Kindergarten teacher that took my place and now works with my former aide said that the kids just LOVED them!  They feature the “six sided hexagon dinosaur” from the Hexagon song. 

Dino And Robot Pattern Block Paper

Trapezoid Robot Song & Pattern Block Project from HeidiSongs
The Trapezoid Song video can be found on our Colors and Shapes DVD and Musical Math Vol 2 DVD!

Shape Creatures Downloadable Workbook!
There is also a downloadable Shape Creatures workbook (two volumes!) with lots of fun little worksheets to help reinforce all of those shapes that you need to teach!

These Shape Creatures worksheets are now available as a download from :)
These Shape Creatures worksheets are now available as a download from

Let’s Sing the Cylinder Song!
Oh, those volume shapes can be hard to master!  Our Musical Math CD/DVD only has songs for the following volume shapes: the sphere, the cone, and the cube. Why?  Because when I wrote it the CD, I just wrote the songs that I needed, and my district didn’t require Kindergartners to learn the cylinder.  So I skipped it!  But I have since learned the error of my ways and I now refer back the Common Core State Standards for everything new!  The rest of the shapes can be found on Musical Math Vol 2 CD/DVD!!

The Cylinder Song is recorded and posted on iTunes, and the video can be found on Musical Math Vol 2!  HOWEVER, it was written to the tune of “The Can-Can,” so when I have done this with my class, we just kicked our feet out one at a time and did the can-can while we sang.  (It’s the same melody as the “On” spelling song, but has an entirely different feel to it, due to the untiring efforts of Mike Cravens, who is my co-writer and does all of the background music for me.  I think he wrote four different versions of this song before I approved one of them!  (Poor guy!)

Thanks for stopping by!  We’ll continue to keep you updated on all of my latest projects and conferences that are coming up.


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