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May 20, 2016

NEW: Fully ANIMATED Musical Math Vol. 1 is HERE!

NEW- Fully ANIMATED Musical Math Vol. 1 is HERE fbNEW- Fully ANIMATED Musical Math Vol. 1 is HERE fb

NEW- Fully ANIMATED Musical Math Vol. 1 is HERE!

Great news!  Our brand new, fully animated version of Musical Math Volume One is finally HERE!  It’s the same great songs, but with CUTE animation and dancers!!

Musical Math Vol 1 DVD

I love it because it is beautiful, fun, and totally engaging!

Musical Math Vol 1 DVD

I have been using prototype versions of this DVD in my first and second grade combo classroom for the last month or so, and I’m happy to say that the kids absolutely LOVE this one!  They have been singing and dancing their little hearts out every single day, learning, and having tons of fun.



In case you are not already familiar with this particular DVD, Musical Math Volume One helps teach and reinforce the following concepts below.  (Each of these concepts is an individual song.)

  1. 1-100
  2. I Can Sort
  3. Position Words
  4. More
  5. Less
  6. Equal
  7. AB Pattern
  8. ABC Pattern
  9. AAB Pattern
  10. What Comes Next?
  11. Penny
  12. Nickel
  13. Dime
  14. Quarter
  15. Estimate
  16. Count By 10s
  17. Count by 2s
  18. Count by 5s
  19. Sphere
  20. Cube
  21. Cone
  22. Addition
  23. Addition Doubles
  24. 5 + 2
  25. 2 + 3
  26. 2 + 4
  27. 3 + 4
  28. 5 + 3
  29. 6 + 3
  30. 6 + 4
  31. Anything Plus Zero
  32. Mix It Up (Commutative Property)
  33. Subtraction



When I first wrote this set of songs, I was teaching Kindergarten.  We used the songs for more, less, and equal faithfully to help them remember which one was which concept. I used the patterning songs all the time as well.  Even after the Common Core took the focus off of patterning in Kindergarten, I still continued to use the patterning songs with the children because I do believe that understanding patterns is very important, CCSS or no!

Musical Math Vol 1 - Sort

The What Comes Next? song is really wonderful for helping kids practice counting from one decade to another, such as 39-40, 49-50, 59-60, etc.  And I used the Counting to 100 song CONSTANTLY to help them practice that skill!  It also doubled as a clean up song as well! (And that dancer is awfully good looking… That’s my Kimmie!)



The other songs that I still find EXTREMELY helpful are the volume shape songs:  the sphere, the cube, and the cone.  They really helped my kindergartners learn the names of the shapes, and they are helping my first and second graders learn them now!  The best thing is that I can teach them without a worksheet, plus it is fun and memorable.  I know that they are really learning, and that is worth so much.



Years ago, we used to teach coin recognition and some basic coin counting in Kindergarten!  Does anyone else remember that?  Since this can be VERY tricky for the little ones, I came up with these songs to help the children remember which coin was which.  (Each of these songs tell what the coins look like and how much they are worth.)  Not long after that, the Common Core came along, and suddenly we did not have to teach counting money in Kinder, nor even in first grade!

Musical Math Vol 1 - Nickel

Little did I know these songs would come be EXTREMELY handy as I taught my second graders this year!  Somehow, I thought that coin recognition would come very easily to the second graders, being older- but NOPE!  Quite a few of the mistakes that the children made on their worksheets were simply mistakes on identifying which coin was which.  Once I realized that, I pulled out my trusty DVD, and found that it really solved the problem- AND that my kids LOVED the songs, just like my kindergartners had!

Musical Math Vol 1 - Dime

Once we got started on the coin songs, I just let the DVD play, and we started singing all of the songs that came afterwards.  The children have been having a blast with all of the addition songs, especially.

Did you know that 5 + 2 is seven socks??? ? LOL! #firstgrade #secondgrade

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I hope that you enjoy this new DVD as much as we have, and that your kiddos learn from it! Happy singing, learning, and teaching!




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