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February 12, 2016

NEW Nursery Rhymes Songs on Vimeo!

NEW Nursery Rhymes Songs on VimeoNEW Nursery Rhymes Songs on Vimeo


Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  We are SUPER excited to tell you that we now have the first 15 nursery rhyme songs from Nursery Rhymes: Music With Mother Goose animated and posted on Vimeo for internet video streaming!



If you are not familiar with Vimeo, this is a site that is a lot like YouTube, except that you have to pay to use it.  It’s like video on demand online, but when you rent the HeidiSongs Nursery Rhyme Movie, you’ll get to view it for six months for only $3.50!  Please note that this includes only the FIRST FIFTEEN SONGS on the CD!  We are working on the rest, but animation takes time!  We decided to go ahead and release what we have now on Vimeo for those that have been asking.  We will continue to work on the rest of the songs and plan to release it on DVD as soon as possible- but this probably won’t be in less than six months.  So spending $3.50 on this now might be the best choice if you are anxious to get started!



To use Vimeo, please make sure that your computer will play the video trailer properly.  If the trailer plays well, then you should not have any problem with the rental.  But if the trailer sample will not play, then you probably don’t have a fast enough internet connection to handle streaming videos online.  Make sure you can play the trailer FIRST, because we do not have the ability to refund any money from Vimeo purchases, unfortunately!

Hey Diddle, Diddle! HeidiSongs Nursery Rhymes on Vimeo!


Alsoooooooo… GUESS WHAT?!  Our Number Jumble Animated DVD and The Story of the Wide Mouthed Frog Picture Book & Read-Along CD have both received Parents’ Choice Awards!!!

Parents' Choice

The Wide Mouthed Frog

We were SO excited when we found out about these awards! For those of you who don’t know, The Wide Mouthed Frog Picture Book & Read-Along CD is a beautifully illustrated, soft-cover book with full narration of the play, including all the songs and music! It’s a HIT in the classroom. Kids can read-along and SING-along as they go! To read the Parents’ Choice review on this book, click here!


Number Jumble is one of our newest DVDs and we are pretty proud of this one! We wanted a collection of songs and movements to help kids practice number recognition, number writing, counting skills, and how to read the number words! There is even our popular 1-100 counting song! Check it out, if you haven’t already, and to read the Parents’ Choice review on this DVD, click here!

Anyway, don’t forget about some of our great products to try out this spring- some of them new, some of them “classic!”  And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!




Our Letters and Sounds DVD contains award winning, animated videos with songs written to help children memorize the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation and much more!  There is a unique song for every letter of the alphabet and includes the sound of the letter, and a reference to what the letter looks like or how it is formed.  With the letters written out onscreen and fun movements choreographed to help with memorization, these fun songs help children easily memorize both the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet as they begin reading. It’s available to purchase for $15!


Sing & Spell 1-6

Our Sing & Spell collection is a must have! Each disc shows me singing and performing the songs from this multi-sensory series that includes visual support for the sight words, movements to take advantage of active learning, and fun, simple songs that are easy to follow and learn. This is perfect for children from preschool to second grade, including special needs children, “at-risk” students, and second language learners. They are also very engaging for faster learners because of the music, rhythm and movements. We offer a special bundle discount! Each CD/DVD is $15 each, but if you buy volumes 1-3, that’s 3 DVDs for $40, or volumes 1-6 for only $75!!


Wiggles Listening Center

We have two relatively new Listening Centers! They’re the same adorable Wiggles picture books, but student-sized with a CD. Children read-along while I, Heidi, read aloud on the CD, with page turns indicated with a chime! These are available for Wiggles Learns the Rules at School and Wiggles Learns to Pay Attention.


Phonics Word Family Coloring Worksheets

New in our Sounds Fun Phonics collection are my Phonics Word Family Coloring Worksheets for both Volume 1 and Volume 2! I mentioned these a few weeks ago. These worksheets are designed to give children practice in finding, identifying, and reading words with common phonics spelling patterns in them.  They also give children practice applying typical English phonics rules to words and contrasting those to other words with different rules.  As children find and color the pictures according to the words that are written inside of them, they get valuable practice thinking in terms of word families and phonics spelling patterns.  The coloring makes it fun, too!


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