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April 10, 2015

New! The Wide Mouthed Frog Sing-Along, Read-Along Book

Wide Mouthed Frog, musical, picture book, storybook, reading, read along, sing along, spring time, kindergarten, tkWide Mouthed Frog, musical, picture book, storybook, reading, read along, sing along, spring time, kindergarten, tk

Wide Mouthed Frog

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the newest sing-along, read-along book: The Wide Mouthed Frog!  I LOVE the way this book came out!  The illustrations are totally adorable and the songs are so much fun, and are simple enough for kids (and adults!) to start singing along even the first time you hear them!

Wide Mouthed Frog Page

This version is different from any other, because it features children dressed up as the characters in the story, acting it out as they put on a class play!

Wide Mouthed Frog Page 2

We produced this book to go along with our Wide Mouthed Frog musical play, but it’s actually a great addition to any classroom library, and would be especially wonderful to use in a listening center!

Wide Mouthed Frog Center

If your students listen to the entire thing from start to finish in a listening center, it will take 18 minutes.  That amount of time would have been absolutely PERFECT in my kindergarten classroom, because then they would have needed only ONE book in their listening center to keep them happy during the entire rotation!

Wide Mouthed Frog Center

(I always found it kind of hard when the listening center books ended after about four or five minutes, but the rest of the class was still busy working for another ten minutes or so!)

Wide Mouthed Frog Center

This wonderful picture book is the perfect way to introduce the concept of acting out a story for fun and for putting on a class play with young children! If you’re looking for a class play for the spring, this would be perfect!

Wide Mouthed Frog Play

My classes loved putting on this play! There really is a role for everyone and the children always seem to outdo themselves in “cuteness,” if I do say so myself!

Wide Mouthed Frog Froggy

Here’s a clip from one of the scenes from my class a couple years ago! The “Hopping Along” song!


For more information on how I put on this play with my class and some tips and advice for putting it on with your class, check out this blog post from a few years ago!! I’ve got lots of pictures and ideas and another video clip!

Wide Mouthed Frog Lion

On our YouTune channel, we have a video of the performance of the play, as well as videos of my rehearsal with the kids where I teach all the hand motions. And you can download the script FOR FREE here!! You can also purchase the music CD that includes all the songs for the play and the script!

Wide Mouthed Frog DVD

To purchase the read-along, sing-along picture book, The Story of the Wide Mouthed Frog, click HERE to go directly to the product on our site!!

Wide Mouthed Frog Cover


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