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December 14, 2012

North Pole, South Pole Guided Drawing

North Pole, South Pole SignfbNorth Pole, South Pole Signfb


Last week, I had the pleasure of doing guided drawing with my class on Friday morning!  I LOVE doing guided drawing, and teaching children to draw holiday themes is always so much fun!  So I was especially glad that I got to teach on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week after I got back from presenting at SDE’s Michigan Conference for Kindergarten Teachers.  (I usually job share my Kindergarten class with a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Paez, and she usually does the end of the week, while I usually do the beginning of it.  But last week, we swapped days so that I could travel and present.)  Fridays are the prefect day to do guided drawing for us, because we would have to stop our rotation in the middle of it anyway to go to to the library, so we normally just do whole group activities such as guided drawing on on Fridays.

My kids have been learning about Holidays Traditions Around the World, and of course Santa keeps coming up.

So we drew a picture of Santa and a couple of reindeer at the North Pole.  For science, we have been learning about winter animals such as penguins.  So after we drew a picture of the North Pole, we drew a picture of the South Pole on a different piece of paper.


The penguin in the picture above is sliding down the mountain on his belly!

We read some books on penguins, and also watched some very entertaining clips about penguins on youtube!  They were very inspiring!  As you can see, we tried to draw penguins sliding on their bellies.


The instructions for the Santa and reindeer guided drawing are on this blog post here.  Click on the link under section one.


The instructions for the penguin guided drawing are on this blog post here.  Look under section 3.



The only thing that I added that is not on these directions is the North Pole/ South Pole sign.  The key to making the sign is having them do that FIRST, before anything else.  Then there will be room for it for sure!
Here’s all they have to do to make the sign:

1.  Write the words “North Pole” or “South Pole” in the middle of the page.
2.  Draw a rectangle around the words.
3.  Draw one line going down to form the pole that holds the sign up.
4.  Draw another line going down to form the rest of the pole, and then put a “lid” on the bottom of the pole to close it.
5.  Draw some “slides” (diagonal lines) going down on the pole.  Tell the kids that they should make an AB pattern out of them later and color them red and green, or red and white, or blue and white, etc., as you choose to represent the holiday of your choice.


Also, in the directions for the penguin guided drawing, there are no directions for the penguin sliding on his belly.  It is very easy.  Here they are:

To make a penguin sliding on his belly:
1.  Draw an oval for the penguin’s body.
2.  Draw a circle for his head.
3.  Draw a triangle for his beak.  (When I have the children draw a triangle, I tell them to draw a capital A, and then put the line on the bottom.)
4.  Draw two triangles for his feet.
5.  For the wings, I told the children to draw a “smile going up, and then a smile going down.”  Then we did that again.  I had them watch me do it on the white board a couple of times, putting their markers down and just watching.  Then I have them do it themselves.  As you can see by the pictures, some of them came closer than others.  But all of them are cute!

When we were done with the drawing, we wrote sentences about the reindeer and Santa.  After that we took a break and went to lunch, and then came back and did the coloring.

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