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March 11, 2016

Our NEW Musical Math Volume 2 DVD is HERE!

Musical Math Vol 2 DVD!Musical Math Vol 2 DVD!

Musical Math Vol 2 From HeidiSongs!

Okay, everyone:  GREAT NEWS!  Our fully animated Musical Math Volume TWO DVD is finally HERE, with songs for kindergarten, first, and second grade!  And it’s AWESOME!  It is filled with great, motivational, singable songs that your kids are going to LOVE that will help them learn lots of important math concepts.  So check out the list of songs; there is probably one for a concept you’ll be teaching soon!


In my mind, the very best thing about having a DVD like this is that now I really don’t have to think about the movements at all for any song because they are right there on the screen!  The movements keep the children engaged and learning. Each math lesson that includes one of the concepts listed below can be an instant multi-sensory lesson with no prep or prior work at all on my part!  All I have to do is put in the DVD and find the correct song for the concept.  I have my kids watch it once through and then we talk about what it means.  Then we stand up and try to sing and dance it!  Of course, working on it with manipulatives is an essential part of the learning process, but we do that at another time either in small groups or at our desks.

Here is a list of all of the songs, in order:
1. Greater Than, Fewer Than
2. Subitize
3. Rekenrek Song
4. Mission Ways to Make Four
5. What’s a Sum?
6. Counting On with Addition
7. Counting by Threes
8. Putting Numbers in Order
9. Odds & Evens
10. Hexagon
11. Trapezoid
12. Cylinder
13. Measuring with a Ruler
14. The Pattern of the Hundreds Chart
15. 12 vs. 21
16. Counting Backwards from 20
17. Telling Time is Easy
18. One Half
19. One Fourth
20. Counting Coins
21. Adding Numbers to Ten
22. So Many Ways to Solve a Problem
23. Keywords for Addition
24. Keywords for Subtraction
25. Get on the Tens’ Bus!
26. What is Place Value?    (This song was co-written by me and my new friend, Rockin’ Dan the Teaching Man, with support from my ever faithful music arranger and co-writer Mike Cravens.)  Mike, of course, did all of the background music for every song and helped write all of the other songs as well!


Telling Time - Musical Math Vol 2

Greater Than - Musical Math Vol 2 DVD

By the way, if you want to learn about Musical Math Volume One CD/DVD, just click here.

Cover Musical Math


The video below, “Adding Numbers to Ten,” is great for both Kindergarten and first grade, and it’s also a review concept for the beginning of second!   It teaches kids that to add a stack of ten blocks plus a few more by counting forward from ten.  The lyrics are, “One stack of ten and three more.  How much could it be?  One stack of ten and three more.  How much could it be…”  Then the teacher tells them to put ten in their head and count three more.



The video below is of one of my FAVORITE songs from this collection:  the Keywords for Subtraction song!  We sing this all the time in my first and second grade combination class when we are trying to figure out how to do word problems in math!  Here are the lyrics:  “How many more than, how many less than, means subtract, means subtract!  How many greater, how many fewer, what’s the difference, means subtract…”




This video below is for the song below is called “Get on the Tens Bus!” and it is PERFECT for teaching kids when to regroup!  My second graders and I sing it all of the time when trying to figure out when to regroup.  The lyrics are, “This is the Ones Place, only room for nine!  Nine or fewer, nine or less, this apartment’s fine…”



Hope you enjoy this DVD, my newest creation!  I’m already working on more songs for both math and language arts, so if you have any requests, just let me know!  And click here to purchase the new math DVD!



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