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November 26, 2013

Our New Sing and Spell Volume SIX CD is HERE!

Sing and Spell Vol. 6 by HeidiSongs is Here!Sing and Spell Vol. 6 by HeidiSongs is Here!

Sing and Spell Vol. 6 by HeidiSongs is Here!

Great news!  Our newest CD, Sing and Spell Volume Six:  Jammin’ With More Sight Words is HERE!

I am super excited about the release of this CD, which is the sixth in my ongoing series of sight word spelling songs.  My co-writer and music arranger, Mike Cravens and I, tried really hard to make these songs just as fun and catchy as all of our usual HeidiSongs are, and I am so pleased with the results!  The kids in my good friend Mary’s first grade class have been trying them out with me, and they LOVE them!  We have been having lots of fun learning them together.  Just look at the video of them singing the “Yes” song from it! 


To create the song list for this CD, I first went to the Dolch list to pick up the next seventeen words on the list that were missing from our existing Sing and Spell CD’s, starting from the bottom up. (In case you are unfamiliar, the Dolch list is a list of 220 of the most commonly used words in print in the English language, compiled by Edward Dolch, PhD. in 1936.  This list is often used by teachers and school districts when they plan their reading programs.  Six of the words came from the Primer Dolch List and eleven of them came from the First Grade Dolch list.  If you would like a list of all of the Dolch words, and how they correlate to our HeidiSongs CD’s and DVD’s, please click here.

In creating these DVD’s, we soon found that we needed several new spelling songs to complete their lists, so those words also appear on this CD and will be on the future DVD that will accompany it.  It turns out that most of those words also were on the Dolch lists anyway, but at the second or third grade levels.

We now have the following Dolch words “covered,” with a total of 145 Dolch word spelling songs recorded in all!  There are also 14 other word songs recorded that are not on the Dolch list at all, which gives us a grand total of 159 Spelling Songs in all!

1.  Pre-primer Dolch List One- All 20 of these word songs are recorded.

2.  Pre-primer Dolch List Two- All 20 of these word songs are also recorded.

3.  Primer Dolch List One:  All 52 of these word songs are recorded.  (Six of these words are on our new CD, Sing and Spell Vol. 6.)

4.  First Grade Dolch List:  28 of the 41 words are recorded, and eleven of them are on our new CD.

5.  Second Grade Dolch List:  15 of these 46 words are recorded, and three of them are on our new CD.

6.  Third Grade Dolch List:  10 of these 41 words are recorded, and two of them are on our new CD.

We also recorded new songs for the words “yes” and “no,” so that they could be separated.  (On Sing and Spell Vol. 2, there is just one song for both words, called the “Yes/No” song.  I felt that there was a need to separate them into two separate songs, so I made up new ones.)  Check out this video of the song for the word, “Went!”

Here is the word list for our new CD, SIng and Spell Vol. 6:  Jammin’ With More Sight Words!

Sing and Spell Volume SIX:  Jammin’ With More Sight Words:

1.    ask
2.    ate
3.    day
4.    does
5.    every
6.    give
7.    going
8.    her
9.    him
10.    just
11.    many
12.    must
13.    no
14.    off
15.    only
16.    our
17.    ran
18.    show
19.    soon
20.    take
21.    them
22.    think
23.    walk
24.    well
25.    went
26.    yes

I hope you enjoy this CD!  And don’t forget to sign up for our email updates!  You can also follow this blog on Bloglovin’, and keep in touch with me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, too!