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July 22, 2020

Parent Guide Posters: Essential Skills for Early Learning!

Will you be doing distance learning this year?  Have you been wondering how you will be able to get young children started on those vital basic skills, when they are not even in the same room as you are?  This set of editable parent guide posters are designed to teach parents how to work with their children at home on some very basic, essential skills, such as teaching pencil grip, teaching their child to write their name, how to help a child learn to use scissors, glue, glue stick, etc.


These posters are fully editable, so you may use your text or mine, and your images or mine! With these posters, you can quickly make these “your own” by inserting your own key phrases for instruction, such as “Just a drop, not a lot,” etc., for using basic school supplies. You can also insert your own translations to make them just perfect for your OWN school community! All documents are provided in both color and black and white.

These are available in both English AND Spanish, with both being editable in color and black and white options!

What's Included:
51 pages, color & B/W:
• Teaching Pencil Grip
• Teaching Name Writing
• Teaching Children to Use Scissors
• Teaching Kids to Use a Glue Bottle
• Glue Practice Page (not editable)
• Teaching Kids to Use a Glue Stick
• Guided Exploration of Linking Cubes (This may be changed to any other linking manipulative, like legos!)
• Guided Exploration of Pattern Blocks (This may be changed to any other manipulative)
• English and Spanish versions of all posters
• Instructions

Please understand that the editable files are provided for you to edit for your own resources for your own classroom use. It is NOT provided so that you can make something else that is editable, using the exact same format, and then sell it again!

Also, PLEASE do not resell or distribute my photographs - especially the ones with children in them! I have been very careful to blur faces and/or use old classroom photos. But the LAST thing I want is to find them for sale on TpT or anywhere else! I have permission to use them, but please be considerate.

Check out our Fall - Week 1 Distance Learning Packet for TK/Kinder!

I actually created these guides with the input of my HeidiSongs and Friends Facebook group!  Each time I started one poster, I asked for feedback from the group.  It was so helpful, and really made these posters a great resource!  If you would like to join us, just visit this link!  

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