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April 18, 2014

Rockabye Baby: Sharing HeidiSongs with Newborns

Rockabye Baby - Sharing HeidiSongs with Newborns FBRockabye Baby - Sharing HeidiSongs with Newborns FB

Sharing HeidiSongs with Newborns


We always knew that HeidiSongs was great for all ages but today’s post really brings that point home! For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of putting a baby to bed, we know this story from April will resonate.

April is a Kindergarten teacher who loves using HeidiSongs in her classroom and recently found herself singing them to her new little girl. We hope you enjoy this sweet story!

April writes:

Hello Heidi and HeidiSongs staff!

 Being home on maternity leave through the length of the contest, I wasn’t thinking of entering until tonight, when I realized I’d been singing HeidiSongs to get my daughter to sleep over the last 3 weeks.

My entry is an adaptation of the “down” song.  Instead of marching to the ground, my 3 week old daughter and I are bouncing down to the crib to go to sleep.  (In fact, my daughter did go to sleep right after shooting this video!  My husband said I should have laid her in the crib during the video, but I didn’t think of that.)

Sharing Heidi Songs with Newborns Mom and Baby.jpg

 Other ideas for HeidiSongs with babies: sing through the entirety of HeidiSongs Sight Words Disc 1 while gently bouncing your baby and pray that she has fallen asleep by the time you get to the “I’m Done!” song.

Time: Approximately 15 minutes 


1. Listen to Disc 1 with your kindergarten students for 5+ years to learn sight words, memorizing the songs and the order.

2. Have a child.

3. Forget half the nursery rhymes you used to know before having a child.

4. Start singing the “and” song and keep singing the rest of the Disc 1 songs because you know the order so well.

Adaptation: Throw in songs from other Heidi Songs Sight Word Discs in the correct place in alphabetical order, because you forgot which disc they were originally on.  I tend to put the “do” song in my singing order from Disc 1, although I know “do” is on Disc 2. 

 If nothing else, I hope this video sends a smile to your faces!  My daughter is the light of my life and I’m quite enjoying my first maternity leave.

Thanks for providing such quality products!



Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us, April, and congratulations on your sweet girl!

We hope you enjoyed this sweet lullaby as much as we did. Hopefully all of the babies out there will go “D-o-w-n, go down, go down” smoothly tonight!

What HeidiSongs do you find yourself singing around the house? Share them with us in the comments.


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