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January 10, 2015

Sight Word Dice Game- Free!

Sight Word Dice Freebie!Sight Word Dice Freebie!


“Sight Words Dice” is a FREE FUN little game for kindergartners or first graders to play in pairs or small groups to help them practice their sight words, (AKA high frequency words.)  Sound interesting?  Keep reading for more info!

Sight Word Dice Game
 To download this game, just click here.  I have included a blank version, and a version that already has some sight words filled in.  To use the blank version, you will probably have to write the words in by hand, or type up the words you want, print them out, and glue them in.

Sight Word Dice 2

To play the game:
Each child rolls the die in turn and reads the word that comes up.  He then writes it in the column under that word.  The first child to fill up one entire column is the winner of the game!

Sight Word Dice Freebie from HeidiSongs

When children aren’t sure of a word, I tell them to help each other out by singing the sight word song that goes with the song!  Most kids can start singing them on their own, and then they can figure many of these words out!  I wish I had captured a video of this happening.  I will insert a video of one of our sight word songs with children singing them here, just in case some of our readers are new to HeidiSongs and don’t know what they look like.  Below, you will see the Kinders from Friendship Elementary School singing the “As” sight word song, from Sing and Spell Vol. 4:  Fun Songs for More Sight Words.



To make the game last longer, you can tell the children that the first person to fill two columns will be the winner.  Have fun!



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