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July 17, 2015

Sight Word Spaceship Hunt Center Freebie!

Sight Word Spaceship FreebieSight Word Spaceship Freebie

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceship Hunt FREEBIE!

Hello, everyone, and happy July!  Today I am going to tell you about a fun and easy literacy center for practicing sight words AND early reading comprehension skills!  I did this as a “Make and Take” activity in my Literacy Centers session last week at the I Teach First Conference in Las Vegas, and the teachers seemed really excited about it!  Hope you like it!

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Alright, back to the spaceships!!

Here Is How to Play:
You get 8-10 empty toy capsules (spaceships!) write some words and put them inside so that the words show.  Then hide the capsules!  Give the kids clues to read to help them find the capsules- but when they find them, they don’t remove them- they just write the words on the correct numbered spaceship on their recording sheet.

HeidiSongs' Sight Word Spaceships

I wrote up some clues for you as well as some words, and made a recording sheet with numbered space ships on it.  Everything is free to download here.

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceship Recording sheet Sample

All you need to do is get some empty toy capsules, which are those little containers that come out of gum ball machines and that usually have prizes or stickers in them, etc.  I used the smaller ones, (approximately one inch) but you can use any size you like.  You can get these on Amazon, or from, or from your local gum ball machine!

HeidiSongs' Sight Word Spaceships

If you are using the one inch capsules and the words seem too small for some of your kiddos, then consider raiding your science box for a magnifying glass!  I was thinking that my kids would probably LOVE to wear an “Inspector Gadget” or “Sherlock Holmes” type of hat and carry around a magnifying glass while reading clues on a word hunt!  OH, BOY!

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceship

These empty toy capsules are a MUCH better deal on, but the minimum amount you can order is 2500 of them for $54.95!  You don’t need very many of them, so I would stick with a gum ball machine, if I were you!  You could use more words/toy capsules than I did if you like, but then you’ll need to think of more clues and write them up yourself.

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceship Clues

Hide them all over your classroom, just like this!


I even hid one in my Show and Tell Apron! These adorable aprons are sold on the TPT store Kinder-Gardening! Here’s a link to her website!

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceships!

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceships!

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceships!

HeidiSongs Sight Word Spaceships!

Here’s a blog post from last summer on another alien activity! Shape Aliens in UFOs!

HeidiSongs Shape Aliens in UFOs!


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