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February 28, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Well, it was a very hard choice, because all of those kids are so darn cute! But I would have to say that my favorite is the video of the “Is,” from Columbia Elementary in Joplin, Missouri just for the pure enthusiasm of the children! The children in Ms. Kerri Rea’s class look SO excited and happy to be singing the song. It also looked like they were all really singing out, as well. Putting the HeidiSongs DVD on the Smartboard behind the children was also a clever idea, and that made me smile. Watching that video (and the many others that we received) makes me feel that all of the work putting the songs and DVD’s together was truly worthwhile, because children are learning while having fun, and this was always my goal! She will receive one of every item on the HeidiSongs website! Congratulations!

There were some other “standout” entries that I really loved, too! I thought that the one from Mrs. Miner and her student teacher Lacey Gillespie was great because they made up a lot of their own movements to the Count By Two’s song. Their little bunny hats were a very nice added touch, and the children looked like truly enthusiastic learners! What fun! I bet that Mrs. Miner’s Downeast Elementary class in Bangor, Maine is really a fun one.

The entry from Marlana Howerton’s Ezard Elementary School Kindergarten class was also very cute! I loved the way the children did their little snaky movements to the S Song. There are some very enthusiastic snakes in that video! They really know how to make their knees wiggle, too!

I also really enjoyed the great singers and dancers from Ms. Sarah McGregor’s class in Waverly, Iowa, with their high energy version of the “Orange” song! I liked the original movements that they put into the song.

Many thanks also to: Roxanne Snider’s Little Lake Elementary class with their wonderful video of the “Has” song; the cuties from Kimberly Taniguchi’s Central Elementary School Kindergarten class with version of the “Number Three” song. All of the teachers mentioned will receive two items of their choice from HeidiSongs! All they need to do is email us and let us know what they would like, and where to send it.