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August 30, 2014

What Do Children Learn From Nursery Rhymes- And Two Free Mother Goose Bulletin Board Crafts!

What Do Children Learn From Nursery Rhymes FBWhat Do Children Learn From Nursery Rhymes FB

What do Kids Learn from Nursery Rhymes?

Children learn many things from nursery rhymes, and the benefits of learning with them as young children can last a lifetime!  Keep reading to find out just a few of them, and then download my free Mother Goose and baby gosling craft to make with your children!

Infographic: What Do Children Learn from Nursery Rhymes? Download and share with parents.  Permission granted to reproduce and share, as long as copyright and website information is maintained.  Thank you!

So, what do children learn or gain from nursery rhymes?  
1. Rich and interesting vocabulary words!
2. The rhythm, and flow of their language.
3. Exposure to rhyming words that helps them develop that all important phonemic awareness, which eventually helps them learn to read and sound out words.
4. A chance to practice speaking the same words CLEARLY- to help avoid speech and articulation problems in the future.
5. Confidence as learners!
6. They start to see themselves as readers when they see the nursery rhymes in print that they have already memorized orally.

Mother Goose & Goslings with CD Cover
The goose project that I am giving you today is the same on that is on the DVD & CD cover!

Since most nursery rhymes are very short, they are usually fun and easy for preschoolers, pre-kindergartners, and kindergarten children to learn.  Of course, setting anything to music makes it so easy to learn, that it’s practically CHEATING!  So that’s why I am so thrilled about my new nursery rhymes CD!  *Update* And DVD!!!  After listening to it here and there, I can honestly tell you that these songs will get stuck in your head- for HOURS, if not DAYS!

Nursery Rhymes: Music with Mother Goose CD from HeidiSongs. $15
SINGING the nursery rhymes, and putting movements with them is a fantastic way to help children learn them!  You can even pop the CD into your CD player in the car, and have your kids learn them easily at home that way!  Nursery Rhymes: Music with Mother Goose CD from HeidiSongs for $12.

*Update* The animated DVD is HERE and $15!



Yes people- the learning nursery rhymes with music is just about subliminal!  I think you could actually put this CD on in your classroom while the children are doing anything else- such as coloring, playing, building with blocks, etc., and they would start to pick them up without even trying!  Of course, adding movements to it makes it even better, no doubt about that!  (That’s why the DVD may be a better choice at first!) Check out this new video of my little friends Bella and Raegan performing “Jack & Jill!”




Mother Goose with Goslings Bulletin Board- free craft patterns from HeidiSongs!

You can download the hand motions for all 28 rhymes here.

 I also posted them to SlideShare!


These are Mother Goose's goslings! Notice how the one in the middle has feet that are cut out of simple triangles, whereas the others have feet that are xeroxed from patterns.
These are Mother Goose’s goslings! Notice how the one in the middle has feet that are cut out of simple triangles, whereas the others have feet that are xeroxed from patterns.

When I decided to make a Mother Goose craft, I also decided that a Mother Goose needs some goslings (baby geese!), so I created a pattern for them, too!  I’m in love with how cute they came out!

How to Prep Mother Goose's Gosling from HeidiSongs

You can download the patterns shown above, full directions for both the Mother Goose and the little baby gosling right FREE right here.  Enjoy!  And I hope you will share any pictures of your kids’ projects when you are done!


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