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September 23, 2016

Where Am I Going Next? Presentation Update!

Upcoming Presentations! - HeidiSongsUpcoming Presentations! - HeidiSongs

Upcoming HeidiSongs Presentations

Hey everyone!! This week, we updated my presentations page, so I thought I’d share it as a blog post as well, just to let everyone know what’s coming up and where I’ll be next! I hope I can meet some of you over the next year!!!

Here’s a look at how most of my conference presentations go!




KTOT – Kindergarten Teachers of Texas

Arlington, TX

November 11-12, 2016

Number of Sessions: 3

Friday Pre-Conference:

Music, Movement, and Other Active Methods of Teaching the Alphabet & Numbers
Grade Levels: Pre-K, TK, K, (First Grade RTI only or SPED) Description: Let’s teach the alphabet and numbers the fun way- through music, movement, and manipulatives! Participants will be taught some fun motions to go along with alphabet and number songs, and will be encouraged to sing and dance along! More activities and ideas for teaching will also be taught. Your kids will have so much fun, they won’t know they are learning!


Sing and Spell the Sight Words
Grade Levels: K-1
Come learn some fun and easy sing-a-long songs and movements that will help your students memorize the spellings of the many basic sight words commonly taught to beginning readers. Then you’ll get lots of great new ideas to help your students practice these words! Come ready to sing and dance along!

Math Made Fun: Addition & Subtraction
Grade Levels: TK, K, 1
Turn your students into math wizards with these fun and easy hands-on activities that are perfect for both whole- and small-group settings. Learn a bushel of new ways to teach your kids to add it up, and then turn it over and subtract it down. Heidi will also show you how you can integrate music and movement into your math instruction to make it all even more fun and meaningful!




CKA – California Kindergarten Association

Santa Clara, CA

January 13-15, 2017

Number of Sessions: 1

ADHD & Sensory Interventions: Classroom Tested Ideas that WORK!
Simple interventions and classroom management routines to pro-actively meet the needs of your students who have difficulties sustaining attention, sitting through lessons, and/or seek sensory input by touching others. (Psss! Sound like most of your class? These are great teaching techniques for ALL young children!




SCKC – Southern California Kindergarten Conference

Pasadena, CA

February 24-25, 2017

Number of Sessions: 4

Friday Pre-Conference (TK Strand):

Numeracy & Number Identification Activities for Wiggly Kids
Come learn how to take advantage of music, muscle memory, and more to help your kids learn to identify the numbers. Then get tons of great hands-on ideas that could be used in centers or small group instruction to help kids develop number sense. Ideas for adapting the same activities to help teach beginning place value (sets of tens and ones to count out the larger numbers) will also be given.

Main Conference:

ADHD & Sensory Interventions: Classroom Tested Ideas that WORK!
Grade Levels: TK, K, 1, 2
Do you have kids that are wiggly, active, restless, inattentive, and just can’t stop touching other people or things? Join Heidi for plenty of easy ways to differentiate and help those children be successful in school whether they actually have ADHD- or if perhaps they are just kids acting like kids.

Helping Your Struggling Students Meet the Common Core Standards with Music, Movement, and More
Grade Levels: Pre-K, TK, K
Do you have some late bloomers that are “just not getting it,” no matter what? Join Heidi for some time tested techniques to help slow learners, budding English language learners, and special needs children meet the state standards. Topics will include teaching the alphabet, numeral recognition, CVC words, sight words, and behavior management.



I Teach Pre K

SDE’s I Teach K! & I Teach Pre-K! (tentative)

Las Vegas, NV

July 2017

Topics: TBA


Since I’m updating you, I wanted to include some videos of our newer DVDs, too! We recently animated Sing & Spell Volumes 1, 2, and 4!!




Our Classroom Management DVD has been out for a couple years, but it’s a GREAT one! It really helps teach and reinforce classroom and playground rules.



Letters & Sounds is one of my favorites! I just LOVE the kids’ artwork!!!



Our Number Jumble DVD is one of our newer DVDs as well!! It covers number recognition, number writing, counting skills, and how to read the number words!




Thanks for reading!! I hope everyone’s school years are going smoothly!! If you ever want to check for updates on where I’ll be presenting, check out my Upcoming Presentations page!

– Heidi


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