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August 16, 2010

Whole Group Games: Entry #8

Well, this is it!  This is the very last set of whole group games in my series for the summer.  That’s a good thing, since school is starting for me on August the 23rd, so my time has definitely run out!  I hope you have enjoyed this series.
On a side note, we have just completed our DVD for Sing and Spell Vol. 5!  It is now available for purchase on the website.  To celebrate our newest creation, we are offering a free shipping code for you from now until the end of this month, August 31st!  It is SPELL5.  You will find lots of new combos and sets on the website, too, as well as a brand new book with Mini-Songbooks and worksheets that go along with Sing and Spell Vol. 1.  So check it out!

And now for the games!  The first one is an outside game.

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

What you need:
A big grassy field with lots of room to run, plenty of energy and good running shoes!
The set up:
The kids line up on one side of the grass, preferably along a fence.  The teacher is on the other side of the grass.
How to play:
The kids call out, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?”
The teacher answers, for example, “5 o’clock.”
So the kids take five steps forward, towards the teacher.
Again, the kids call out, “What time is it Mr. Fox?”  The teacher answers again, choosing any random number from 1-11 o’clock.  AGAIN, the kids call out, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?”
Finally, the teacher answers, “12 O’CLOCK MIDNIGHT!!!!!!”  The kids all scream and “try” to run past the teacher.  The teacher tries to catch the children.  Anyone who gets tagged must join the teacher and help be a fox.
The game ends when: the last child is caught.

Dance Your Teens and Twenties, and Write Them Down!

What you need:
Jumpin’ Numbers Vol. 2: 11-30 CD or DVD, a CD or DVD player, some space to move, and a white board and marker for each student.

What to do:
After the children get tired of singing and dancing, pass out the white boards and markers, and play the songs again and have them write the numbers as the songs play.  I tell my kids to write it as many times as they can until I stop the song.

Act Out the Addition Equation

What you need:
A paper with an addition sign on it and one with an equals sign on it.  We usually start by singing the addition song from my Musical Math CD also.
To play:
Make up a story problem and have the kids come up and act it out.  When the time comes to solve the problem, have all of the children move to the other side of the equals sign, and then count the children and see what the answer is!

Check back next week for a fun “Calendar Book” activity with a whole bunch of free downloads. It’s a perfect school year starter.