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Letters and Sounds - Video
Letters and Sounds Animated DVD
Learning Video

Letters and Sounds - Video

These award winning, animated videos contain alphabet songs written to help preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten children learn letters, the alphabet, letter sounds, letter formation, the ABC song, and much more!  These are great teaching songs for preschool learning, Kindergarten lessons, and are also just plain FUN kids' songs, too! 

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This video collection includes a unique song for every letter of the alphabet. Each and every learning song teaches the sound of the letter, and explains what the letter looks like.  The videos show how to write the letter onscreen, and children act out the shape of the letters with their bodies, which helps them remember what it looks like.  Plus, there are lots of other fun and simple movements choreographed to help keep active learners engaged!  These fun alphabet songs help children easily learn both the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet AND the letter sounds so that they can they begin learning to read. They are perfect for children that need to MOVE TO LEARN and for those kids that like to sing and move along with music!  Kids with ADHD, autism, Down Syndrome, and children with other types of learning disabilities, learning differences or learning challenges often respond very well to this multi-sensory approach.  Teachers of special needs children all over have used this approach successfully!  Read their testimonials here.  Don't let your child or students fall behind!  

Concepts Covered Are:

Alphabet Action, The A Song, The B Song, The C Song, The D Song, The E Song, The F Song, The G Song, The H Song, The I Song, The J Song, The K Song, The L Song, The M Song, The N Song, The O Song, The P Song, The Q Song, The R Song, The S Song, The T Song, The U Song, The V Song, The W Song, The X Song, The Y Song, The Z Song. There are also three other songs that practice all of the letters and their sounds from A-Z.  Extras Include: Alphabet Action, Sounds to Letters, and the ABC Song, which include all the letters and motions together.

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