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Language Arts - Video
Little Songs for Language Arts DVD
Learning Video

Language Arts - Video

These animated videos contain Pre-K, Kindergarten songs that were written to help children learn phonemic awareness, reading skills, and seasonal themes. Additionally, there are songs that support concepts of print, such as identifying letters, numbers, sentences, and parts of a story!

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This video collection includes Pre-K, Kindergarten songs that help teach language arts skills, including phonemic awareness, building concepts of print, and story structure plus 12 songs that go along with our "Singable Books To Make and Read," such as Our School Farm and The Zoo Song. The lyrics from each song form the text of a book that kids can make, read, sing, and keep! These songs for the Singable Books were included each year in Heidi’s social studies and science program in Kindergarten.

Concepts Covered Are:
  • Letters and Words
  • What’s a Sentence?
  • Brother Starts the Same as Bop (Words that begin the same)
  • Sound It Out, Touchdown Without Touch (Syllable Deletion)
  • Syllable Counting, Parts of a Story
  • The Rhyme Song*
  • Just Read It*
  • The Shapes Song*
  • Our School Farm*
  • The Halloween Song*
  • Dinner’s Ready* (Thanksgiving theme)
  • Christmas Countdown 20-10*
  • Let’s Build a Snowman*
  • Look Out, Fishies!*
  • Addition Doubles (Dinosaur theme)*
  • The Zoo Book*
  • Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall (All four seasons make one book)

    * Indicates Singable Book.
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