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Musical Math 2 - Video
Musical Math Vol. 2 Animated DVD
Learning Video

Musical Math 2 - Video

These award winning, animated videos help kids learn and memorize the academic vocabulary associated with many important primary math concepts. The songs are short, active, and catchy! Musical Math 2 is a teacher favorite for first and second grade.

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This video collection includes unique songs with movements and animations to keep students' attention focused, while addressing many of the math concepts introduced in the primary classroom. These catchy songs include both time-honored math concepts such as telling time, measuring, putting numbers in order, and three-dimensional shapes, as well as many newer Common Core concepts, such as using a Rekenrek, subitizing, decomposing numbers, and counting on in addition. Most math text books now use the words “greater than” and “fewer than” rather than “more” and “less,” so we now have a song on what those words mean. We have also found that many first graders are expected to count by threes now, so we have included a song to help children learn that easily.

Concepts Covered Are:

Greater Than-Fewer Than, Subitize, Rekenrek Song, Mission Ways to Make Four, What's a Sum?, Counting On with Addition, Counting by Threes, Putting Numbers in Order, Odds & Evens, Hexagon, Trapezoid, Cylinder, Measuring with a Ruler, The Pattern of the Hundreds Chart, 12 vs. 21, Counting Backwards from 20, Telling Time is Easy, One Half, One Fourth, Counting Coins, Adding Numbers to Ten, So Many Ways to Solve a Problem, Keywords for Addition, Keywords for Subtraction, Get on the Tens' Bus!, What is Place Value?

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