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Number of the Day Focus Wall
Number of the Day Focus Wall
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Number of the Day Focus Wall

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Our Number of the Day/Week set of flash cards, mini posters, and questions was designed to be used on a Number of the Day/Week Focus Wall bulletin board on a pocket chart for daily review. When teaching kids basic concepts such as numbers, telling them once is just not enough! Daily review and practice is the key!


Our Number of the Day/Week set provides multiple ways to present the number so that children can see it’s numeric form in many ways, such as ten frames, tally marks, and dominos. This is perfect for Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten, First Grade, or a home school setting. It also provides a rhyme for how to write the numbers, with a whole body way of acting out how to draw it!

In addition to that, we provide another rhyme for kids to get up, clap and jump the correct number of times for each number. Those who are interested in using the rhymes in their musical form may wish to check out our video or audio versions of those songs!

What's Included:

- 104 pages total
- Numeral cards for numbers 0-30
- Number word cards for numbers 0-30
- Dominos cards for numbers 0-30
- Tally Marks cards for numbers 0-30
- Counting Creature Rhyme cards in both Color and Black & White (numbers 0-20 only)
- Number Writing Rhyme cards for numbers 0-30
- PLUS headers in color and black & white for 'Number of the Week' and 'Number of the Day', and BW only for 'Today's Number'. As well as subject cards in color and black & white for: Number Word, Tally Marks, Domino, Ten Frame, Counting Creature, Writing Rhyme, Counting Skills, and Numeral.

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