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Learning Video
Sight Words 3 - Video
Sing & Spell the Sight Words - Volume 3 - Animated DVD
Learning Video

Sight Words 3 - Video

Here is another set of songs written to help children memorize the spellings of 30 more high frequency words. This video is especially favored by first and second grade teachers because it includes some the harder to learn words, such as why, because, who and homonyms such as their, there, and they’re.

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This is a great set of animated sight word songs to help kids learn to read AND spell the basic high frequency words just by singing and dancing along!  Kids love these songs that spell because they are fun and active; no pencil needed and you don’t need to sit down to learn!  This is an amazing, proven way for kids with special needs to learn, such as children with  ADHD, ADD, autism, and other developmental delays. Early childhood educators agree that these learning songs for kids are the easiest way to help children learn basic foundational skills such as site words, also known as Dolch words.

And this set has those tricky homophones, such as there, they’re, and their, and we’re and were.  The other “wh” words that can be hard to learn to spell are also in this collection, such as when, where, who, and why.  These word songs are perfect for those advanced kindergartners, first graders, or second graders that need a little help learning these confusing words.  Many of these word songs and videos are also included in the exclusive Benchmark Advance Language Arts Program as well! 

Words Covered Are:

again, away, because, come, could, help, house, how, jump, little, look, make, one, run, should, their, there, they're, three, to, too, two, want, we're, were, when, where, who, why, and would.

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