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Learning Video
Sight Words 4 - Video
Sing & Spell the Sight Words - Volume 4 - Animated DVD
Learning Video

Sight Words 4 - Video

With this set of Sight Words, Heidi fills in the gaps to include all of the remaining top 50 words on the Dolch list that were previously unrecorded as sight word songs. She also included a few words that kids often need for writing projects, such as “friend,” “nice,” and “love.” This FUN set of songs with lots of animal sounds and other great sound effects is Heidi’s favorite Sight Words title.

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This set of sight word spelling songs and their animated videos adds 28 more high frequency words to include most of the Dolch or Fry words from numbers 25-50!  There are also a few more words that come in handy for basic skills, such as “friend,” “nice,” and “love.” Our songs that spell are filled with fun animal themes and sound effects that children love!  Heidi’s learning songs for kids help children easily memorize the spellings of site words to help them become emergent readers in a natural way!  Songs like these can be learned just as easily as nursery rhymes because they are simple and repetitive.  The animation in this collection is entertaining and holds the attention of young children long enough for them to learn the words presented, which is a great way to capture the interest of the reluctant learner. 

Words Covered Are:

A (the word), all, am, as, be, by, came, dear, did, friend, from, good, had, his, I (the word), if, love, made, nice, now, out, over, put, some, then, very, will, and your.

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