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Word Family Songs - Music Download
Word Family Songs - Music Download
Learning Songs & Music

Word Family Songs - Music Download

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Audio Only, No Video Included. These catchy songs were written to teach children how read by teaching them to blend sounds together into words. In order to read a consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word, children must say the letter sounds in a word, stretch them out, and then blend them together to read the word!


Very often, the biggest road block for many children in learning to read is that they simply cannot get past the hurdle of learning to blend sounds together, and it’s no fun to practice! These songs help solve that problem by setting all of the steps of sounding out a word to music, and makes it FUN! And singing the letter sounds creates a natural bridge in that process of learning to blend the sounds together, because when you stretch out the sounds of a word, you are almost singing them already, just not on a certain “pitch.” When we learn to read by singing, the entire class sings the sounds of a word together, then blends them together, and then practices reading the words together!

Word Families Covered:
-at, -an, -in, -ig, -ip, -op, -ot, -ox, -et, -en, -eg, -ug, -ut, -un

Songs Included:

Just Two Sounds, Little Two Letter Words, How Do You Sound It Out?, At Family Song, An Family Song, It Family Song, In Family Song, Ig Family Song, Ip Family Song, Op Family Song, Ot Family Song, Ox Family Song, Et Family Song, En Family Song, Eg Family Song, Ug Family Song, Ut Family Song, Un Family Song, Nonsense Words

If you'd like a free .pdf of the hand motions to go with these songs, find them here!

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