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Performance Soundtrack & Script
The Mitten Play - Music Download
The Mitten Play - Music Download
The Mitten Play - Music Download
Performance Soundtrack & Script

The Mitten Play - Music Download

$ 10.00

This music download contains the soundtrack to a cute, little primary musical based on the traditional Ukrainian folktale of The Mitten. Simple enough for Kindergarten students, but still fun for first or second graders to perform. The entire show can be completed in twenty minutes or less with costumes and sets that are easy to make, and easy to store.


The play is similar to the story in Jan Brett's version, but contains different animals (and of course the words are different, too!) Heidi included animals for whom she could easily make costumes. The animals can all be changed easily for your class, except for the bear and the mouse, which are essential to the story. Heidi used the video of her kids in performance to help teach the children their parts which can be found on YouTube, then used the music download on an iPod or iPhone during the actual performance.

Characters: Two rabbits, a raccoon, a wolf, a fox, a lion, and a bear and a mouse, Grandmother, the Grandfather, Nikki, ten "Snowflake Cheerleaders," and six "Bouncing Snowballs." The rest of the children made up the chorus.

What's Included:
  • Demo Tracks - complete music with all the voices and music
  • Instrumental Music Only Tracks - no voices, only music
  • Solos Out, Chorus Only Tracks - has background voices only to fill out the
    chorus for a richer performance
  • Instructions
  • Script
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