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We Don't Fight! Printable Posters
We Don't Fight! Printable Posters
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We Don't Fight! Printable Posters

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This classroom posters visual aid set is the perfect resource to help children visualize the process for solving disagreements peacefully among each other without fighting. It helps with their conflict resolutions skills, and social emotional learning as well. Featuring Wiggles & Sittles!


The "We Don't Fight" Classroom Posters Visual Aid Set was also designed to accompany the "Fight" song, which is on both the Classroom Management song collection, and Sight Words 5 collection. In this song, the children repeat, "F-I-G-H-T, We don't fight! Talk it over, walk away, find another game to play!"

These printable, color & BW, 8.5" x 14" mini-posters show children, going through these steps, as they try to solve a problem on the playground, with a little help from the lovable Wiggles and Sittles. The final step on the last poster shows the children asking an adult for help, assuming that the other steps have been unsuccessful. This visual aid is a wonderful addition to any classroom, and an essential teaching tool for classes with children that have issues with solving their problems physically rather than through discussion.

What's Included:

10 pages:
- 5 color mini-posters
- 5 black & white mini-posters

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